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A Little Confusing Kim Button I like the layouts and the color schemes, but if mistakes are made, it's hard to figure out how to remove unwanted items. I found myself to be quite frustrated because it looks like a good program but I couldn't find out if it was. It was like being given a lolly pop to try out but I couldn't get the wrapping off to taste it. Recommended only if you don't need to bring back your 3D model to a CAD system for some serious design and detailing. Autodesk should make this limitations more explicit. Shame on you Autodesk Anonymous It literally took several months of e-mails back and forth with Autodesk to receive confirmation that my old serial was eligble for an upgrade. Autodesk continually gave conflicting information, that my serial was eligible, and then it wasn't. Com Minichini this program is a nightmare. Linda Jacobs I recently downloaded the 3ds Max to help me with my school project and to see about purchasing a copy for my own personal use. I found the program to be missing much of what I needed - no material library and when I used the program on my computer, it had to re-configure quite a few program elements to fit my pc.

3ds Max Reviews and Pricing price

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