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The keyPressed needs to be placed in an on mouseDown or a frame handler. For best results, use a frame handler. Also note, that you cannot set the readonly property for windows on macOS, you will always need a windows OS to set the readonly property for a file for windows. As well, you need to give each window a custom instance name. One way to accomplish this is to append the milliseconds onto the end, ie.

In this situation, it would be more useful to name the windows by the unique chatter and chattee names, eg. It permits lingo to send events to the authoring environment via a code value 0 - allowing interaction with any menu entry in Director. General dispatchCommand -- publish the movie with the last publish settings dispatchCommand -- saves the movie, dispatchCommand -- does a "Save and Compact" dispatchcommand -- Recompiles all scripts dispatchCommand -- clear the message window bottom pane Examples: Open a script castLib 1.

You can even specify the char where to scroll to. To do so use: Known command numbers - Short list of known, useful and working commands. Full menu command list - Lists all menu items and corresponding comand code, as extracted from the menu resource of Director.

Publish from the commandline - Example by Valentin Schmidt on how to publish from command line. It must be set. The 3D features were quite advanced for the time, unusual for an authoring environment. The 3D capability includes the ability to create geometry on the fly from code, hardware accelerated model display, and advanced lighting features. It also supports vector graphics and 3D interactivity through a Shockwave 3D file object.

Since Version 6, Director has supported the import of Flash animation files and Lingo can be used to interact with Flash's Actionscript code for more control. Xtras[ edit ] One of the most powerful aspects of Director is its extensibility, which is achieved through plug-in applications named Xtras.

For example, there are Xtras for OS desktop manipulations creating folders, files, icons, shortcuts, registry editing and Shell control, dedicated text processing RegX , PDF readers, and many more. With Xtras, Director can be extended to support additional media types beyond those that the stock version of the software allows.

These can be created by users or purchased from third party vendors. With the change in new versions of Director, Xtra developers need to modify their products to maintain ongoing support. With changing industry trends, many third-party Xtra developers have discontinued products and dropped support due to the cost of development without a significant return. Publishing[ edit ] For online distribution, the Director can publish projects for embedding in websites using the Shockwave plugin.

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