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You could, for instance, purchase several templates , and select your favourite elements from each, and make a completely new combination for use on your own site. You can use Muse offline by uploading it to Adobe Business Catalyst , or, if you export it, you can actually upload it anywhere. Well, of course, there are lots of people out there who are very good at building with code, and are very passionate about it as well.

Now, with Muse, these designers can start expanding their reach and move into the world of website building, which may well have been a closed door to them in the past. But, aside from the target market perspective, there are a few limitations with the product that you should be aware of. No Pre-made Themes There are no pre-made themes on Muse. Sure, you can purchase templates from third parties, but, the first time you sit down to start exploring the software, you will be doing so from scratch.

This of course has its good points — absolute freedom can be a great thing! But, with a complete lack of structure, things can become a little difficult. Unfortunately adding the line of text had a cascading effect where all my existing elements started overlapping. No, not yet. Though, when you visit muse. Considering the lack of other visual no-code website builders on the market, Muse will continue to be a useful tool for many web designers and business owners.

MuseThemes will also continue to improve and grow our Muse product library as we always have. Click here to watch a sneak peek video of our new Without Code web design tools. How long have you known about the Muse end-of-life? However, our planning and development for Without Code started years ago, both in response to customer demands and as a natural progression of our business. As of this writing, there is no Adobe product that offers a direct replacement for the functionality Muse offers.

Final Thoughts I have mixed feelings about this news. Responsive Muse introduced a level of complexity into the app that caused major headaches and long site build times. For widget makers like us, the lack of ongoing development in the Mucow widget creation system really tied our hands and limited us from pushing development into new areas. When one door closes, another always opens. Prior to creating MuseThemes, I worked as a freelance web designer creating client websites.

Our vision for Without Code is to build a community of users — designers, developers and business owners of all skill levels — who can support one another in their web design efforts and remove those limitations. Thank you! Thank you also to Adobe for building an awesome application that enabled us to build the websites we always wanted. You engineered a fantastic product, and my whole team and I will never forget how Muse changed our business and life in just a few short years.

We look forward to watching and exploring the next generation of your web design tools. Thanks everyone! Publish up some spare BC temporary sites to use for client previews.

Download the final release installer, and back it up somewhere just in case you need to reinstall Muse. The installer download will likely be available once Adobe removes Muse from the CC application in March View the official Adobe announcement here: More than just MuseThemes, Steve is a conference speaker, Lynda.

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Adobe has officially announced that the March 26, release of Adobe Muse will be the final version. Ongoing development of the software has ended, and there will be no new feature additions beyond critical OS level updates. Business Catalyst as a whole is also being shut down, which will have an impact on temporary Muse sites and published sites hosted on BC. Quick Overview: MuseThemes is going to continue to release and support Muse resources for as long as the product remains viable. We are also expanding our service offerings by now supporting customers that have outgrown or transitioned away from Muse, and require more versatile code-free website functionality. Check out our new offering, Without Code www. View a Without Code sneak peek video. There are some important steps that you should consider taking in the coming months, which are outlined below. What does this mean for Adobe Muse users?

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