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If a single vendor at this stage has not become an obvious choice there are many factors to consider in the final decision buy Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical such as the vendors reputation and track record, functionality, customisation of the software to satisfy unique requirements, total cost of implementation and ownership, ease and timescales of implementation, ability to keep up with technology changes and support services available.

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AutoCAD Electrical 2014 Program Cost

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So how do the open source alternatives to AutoCAD stack up? The answer depends on how you plan to use them. Let's start by being honest and upfront about something: If you're looking for a drop-in replacement for your existing CAD program that will provide identical functionality and workflow without making any changes to your processes, you're going to be disappointed. But I would argue that the reason for your disappointment has nothing to do with the licensing of the product—drop-in replacements for complex programs with long-time users who have specific needs and expectations for their software are hard. The trick for deciding whether a replacement piece of software, whether open or closed, is a good choice for you is to tease out exactly what your needs are. The situation is no different than discovering that the person who insists that they "need" Photoshop is just using it to draw a few geometric shapes and remove red-eye from photos; what they really need is a graphics editing tool that can replace those specific functions.

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