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Hybrid IT is now the reality for many enterprises and many are going through a refresh of their platforms, both business and technology. They are looking for scalable ways to connect and move data to the cloud, on-premises and back again as needed.

There is a big emphasis on APIs to unlock data and capabilities in a reusable way, with many companies looking to run their APIs in the cloud and in the data center.

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Combustion 4 includes vector paint, particles, effects, animation and 3D compositing tools. The new version adds new creative tools, interface improvements, new paint tools and enhanced support for 3D animation products, encoding software and more. New to this release is Discreet's Diamond Keyer, a new set of keying algorithms derived from Discreet's flame visual effects system. Time-Warp is a key-frameable, time-remapping operator used to generate slow motion and speed up effects.


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