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A protection key is necessary to run ARCHICAD and other GRAPHISOFT products in . WibuKey Driver version b for Windows and a for Mac, 13 MB‎Short Introduction · ‎Important Notes · ‎CodeMeter Driver Downloads. Apr 16, - The latest (and current) iteration of the ArchiCAD key is the CodeMeter key. This is the fancy, shiny silver key. As mentioned above it was introduced with ArchiCAD If you have a CodeMeter key and want to use ArchiCAD , you need to download the CodeMeter Enabler. Apr 26, - However, pricing is an important factor in selecting the best CAD solution and the reality The rental license allows you to buy the ArchiCAD license for a certain period of time, e.g. three months. . Andy; September 13,

There have been different types of these hardware protection key over the years. Currently the full commercial version of ArchiCAD is licensed using WibuKey or CodeMeter hardware protection, allowing full functionality of the software. It is a USB device with a shiny metal body. Both the parallel port and USB version had a green plastic body.

Introduction to CodeMeter: Like the familiar WIBU-key protection system, you can use it to transfer the license from one machine to another. This feature lets users borrow a license for a limited time, without having to transfer the physical network protection key itself. Consult your distributor for details on how to purchase the various types of borrowable licenses. But to do this a CodeMeter Enabler needs to be downloaded and installed.

Click here! This technology significantly reduces the risk of a lost or stolen hardware key. The user can borrow a license with a single click using the ArchiCAD interface, and return it before it expires so that other users can access it.

There are two types of license borrowing: The borrowed license is represented by a license file on your computer — this license file is specific to the computer and cannot be transferred to another computer. After the borrowing period the license will automatically be released to the server. The license can also be manually released before the borrowing period is up. This license type is recommended for laptop users who wish to travel without a physical hardware protection key.

The license is borrowed into a physical CodeMeter hardware key. This is recommended for users who wish to take a license away to be used on their home or any other computer.

The advantage of this compared to having a single-license hardware key is that losing the key does not mean losing the license, as borrowed licenses are automatically returned to the server after the expiration date.

CodeMeter Error Codes Click here! If the server key has been already corrupted:

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ArchiCAD 19 – The Definitive Guide - Scott H. MacKenzie, Adam Rendek - Google Books

For whatever personal reasons this is on my mind recently. And yes I admit this is more nerdy than day-to-day helpful. Did you know that? They are rare these days. I know a firm in Minneapolis that was still using their pin keys up until early So they had to buy special pin to USB adapters. How archaic! After the pin key came the second evolution of the WIBU key: These keys still work, but you can no longer get new ones. They lack some of the functionality of their replacements.

From the ArchiCADwiki: The internal memory of a WibuKey does not allow supporting more than 3 products. WibuKey also does not support license borrowing. Running different versions of ArchiCAD parallel on a computer may result more than one used license on the Wibu Server. For details see: This is the fancy, shiny silver key. As mentioned above it was introduced with ArchiCAD If you really need to open files that are even older, I bet they are on floppy disks or Jaz Drives.

Best to just find the printed documents and build from scratch what you need in the latest version of ArchiCAD. Back on track now… the CodeMeter key is very flexible. It can have lots of licenses on it ArchiCAD plus all the add-ons… and then some.

Much of what follows applies to the CodeMeter key. All you need is an activation code, which you can get via myarchicad. Someone bought a seat of ArchiCAD and that license sits on a key. If you have a pin key from ArchiCAD 5. And you could still upgrade it to ArchiCAD 16 or whatever the current version is. In intervals of 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, and 12 months. I loved the hourly keys, but alas they are gone. Are you always concerned about someone losing one?

Or spilling Dr Pepper on one? Crushing one under their chair? Well instead of having 10 licenses on 10 keys, you can have 10 licenses on 1 CodeMeter key. And then all the machines with ArchiCAD on them just need to connect to the server that has the key.

A much cleaner and nicer solution than worrying about lost, stolen, or broken keys. License Borrowing — This is a great feature that works in conjunction with Network Keys. More and more of us use laptops instead of desktops. And we work all over the place. At the office, at home, on the road, on site, in coffee shops, you name it.

As is remembering to bring the key with you and making sure not to store it with your fruit or drinks. License Borrowing allows you to virtually borrow a license or temporarily put it on an empty CodeMeter key. Going virtual means the physical CodeMeter key is safely at the office in the server room, while the license is where ever you are.

The licenses can be borrowed for up to a month. The other great function of License Borrowing is they are perfect for freelancers and engineers. Are you working on a huge project and need some help? Or want the structural engineer or contractor to have access to the model? Well if you have license borrowing, they can with your permission access one of your keys remotely to do their work.

For more details and answers, you can read the wiki article on License Borrowing or talk to your local reseller. I know I glossed over a few things.

Which means they can be borrowed on a first come, first served basis, or taken for remote use. What else am I forgetting? Read more about those and all the other license types here. In addition, that link has a good chart of file compatibility between license types.

Anyone with more official knowledge or authority want to add some corrections or clarifications in the comments? I saw a mention of some ancient pre-WIBU keys: Rainbow Sentinel and Microguard. Anyone old school enough to know what those are? Other than maybe robots from some cool 80s anime I wish I watched as a child… So who else has questions about keys and licenses?

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