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Thank you for your consideration and support. CAD 31 Aug, By: Nancy Spurling Johnson You won't find many bargains right now, but you will find some vendors that are being flexible regarding lapsed maintenance contracts. How is the down economy affecting the price of CAD software and maintenance?

In particular, will companies that let software subscriptions lapse as a result of reduced headcounts or budget cuts face high costs when they begin to reinstate those maintenance agreements downstream? Are CAD software vendors willing to bend rules regarding subscription contracts in the interest of these customers?

We contacted the larger CAD developers directly and posted an announcement on Cadalyst. This could signal that the companies are not in a position to make price cuts or that they don't want to risk devaluing their products -- or both.

More importantly, we're happy to hear that some companies, such as Graphisoft, are working directly with customers who are finding it difficult to maintain current licensing agreements. Following are the replies we received. Companies not included here did not respond or notified us that they would not participate. We'll update details if more information arrives.

Information provided in this article was accurate at the time of publication but is subject to change. Alibre Design Standard 3D product design and virtual prototyping and 2D drawing creation for manufacturing applications. Best current price: Other offers: Monthly, interest-free payment options are available. Alibre Design licenses do not expire. Watch for occasional promotions offered to reduce the cost of maintenance reinstatement.

Best current prices: If you buy directly from Autodesk, you'll find the company has held steady on prices. Resellers are independent and free to set their own prices; check with your local reseller for current promotions.

Check back on this article for updates regarding future promotions that become available from Autodesk and resellers. Full details of the offer are available online. The Autodesk Assistance Program provides free software to the unemployed and software discounts to companies that hire program participants, among many other benefits.

Autodesk customers who upgrade to the newest software version for example, move from AutoCAD to AutoCAD or cross-grade to an industry-specific product for example, move from AutoCAD to Revit can take advantage of on-going upgrade, cross-grade, retirement , and legacy programs.

Autodesk customers who wish to reinstate lapsed subscriptions must pay the price to upgrade to the current version of their software as well as the subscription price. A late renewal fee also applies but can be waived in some cases. The company reports it will offer flexibility to customers who find themselves in extenuating circumstances.

To automatically uninstall Autodesk Inventor, download and use the tool mentioned in TSInventor LT Add 3D mechanical CAD into 2D workflows with part-level parametric modeling. AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite Get Inventor LT and AutoCAD LT at a great value. Click on the “Continue” button and you will leave the Autodesk website and enter the online store operated by Digital River Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and its affiliated company Digital River Ireland. Digital River Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is an authorized dealer of Autodesk Software (China) Co., Ltd. Buy Now. AutoCAD LT Subscription Plan for 3-Years - Windows. Manufacturer: AutoCAD LT for Mac Commercial New Single-User 3-Year Subscription. Manufacturer: Autodesk. Product Code: L1-WWT £ Buy Now. Autodesk AutoCAD Inventor LT Suite - 1-Year Single-User Commercial Licence. Manufacturer: Autodesk. Product.

Buy AutoCAD Inventor LT 2010 mac

Being able to easily draw shapes with set dimensions entered via text entry I thought that I used to be able to do this , and the ability to draw splines. I have to switch back to my Mac in order to accomplish these two tasks and it seems like they should be easy to implement on the iPad.

Having those two abilities would greatly increase my productivity. I still enjoy the program, I just find myself thinking that it could be a lot more useful with a few additions or tweaks.

Developer Response , We are glad to inform you that our latest iOS release version 4. While drawing a line or a shape, tap on a value box to access the tool. Be aware that this is not a final version of the feature, as we are working on improving it.

Please help us make our app better and share your thoughts. The basic home furniture objects are fine, but how about more things for engineering drawings. I have AutoCAD on my Mac at home but I am using the iPad for much more of my work, so quick, easy, and portable Had a project I did by hand because no steel shapes library was available. I am fine with making the steel shapes library an in app purchase. Autodesk removed the ability to edit lines at specific lengths in their new version!

Wish I could get a refund since the software no longer does what it claims edit drawings. Maybe an AutoCAD victims fund? Autodesk is happy to have done this, so no resolution from them. A lot of people probably lost work or - like me - had to buy a different app just to get things done. For shame! Developer Response , Thanks for your feedback.

Please be aware that drawing a line with a specific length is possible in the new version. We are constantly reviewing our product in order to determine whether we are doing everything we can to achieve great result. Recently we have launched a new enhanced version of AutoCAD mobile app. We are aiming to provide a more robust experience with improved graphics and functionality that more closely resembles the desktop version of AutoCAD. In order to do so, we have temporarily limited functionality of the latest release.

We are aware that accuracy of input is an essential need for our customers and that is why our latest iOS release includes keypad, which would allow more precise drawing.

While drawing a line or a shape, tap on a value box white numbers on a blue background to access the tool. Please help us make our app better and share your thoughts at feedback autocadmobile.


Autodesk Inventor LT 2010

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