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The warning indicates that the applicant(s) may be entitled to some rights even if a patent has not been granted yet, or that the applicant(s) will be entitled to some rights once a patent is granted.

Patent Search A search done by a patent lawyer or patenting firm to see if any other patent has been issued on the same or similar concept being considered.

Any claims similar to the product idea will have to be addressed and rebuttal as to why the idea is unique from the patent issued.

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To begin with, it is an Excel function: What does it do? It searches for the value you specify and returns a matching value from another column. More technically, the VLOOKUP function looks up a value in the first column of the specified range, and returns a value in the same row from another column. In its common usage, Excel VLOOKUP searches through your data set based on the unique identifier and brings you a piece of information associated with that unique identifier. The first three parameters are requited, the last one is optional. This can be either a value number, date or text or a cell reference reference to a cell containing a lookup value , or the value returned by some other Excel function.

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