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The AutoCAD OEM development platform gives developers access to the AutoCAD engine and enables them to take advantage of the innovation, functionality and new features in AutoCAD software to develop custom, industry-specific applications that offer the precise features, commands, menus and design data their customers require. Expanded capabilities in AutoCAD software include new surface modeling tools that enable users to more easily create smooth surfaces and surface transitions while associativity maintains relationships between all of the objects; point cloud support for up to two billion points; new inferred constraints that enable designers to define constraints as they draw; enhancements to the Hatch command that bring improved drafting efficiency; and new gradient hatch patterns that permit users to add more colors and shading to drawings. Developers using the AutoCAD OEM development platform can create applications that can read and create AutoCAD DWG files, create host programs that run the application in a smaller, secondary window or through a web page and deliver products with scaled-down feature sets and price points. Flexible host applications enable developers to host programs that run the AutoCAD OEM software development platform as a desktop application, in a small secondary window, within a Microsoft Windows. NET Form or as web page. Powerful security mechanisms give developers full control over the level of AutoCAD functionality users see, enabling developers to manage the design activities of users based on their specific process or purpose.

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