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Selection Handles — The selection handles for a group of lines appears in the correct location. Canvases — Duplicating a canvas names the new canvas based on the original name.

Undo — When changes occur due to Auto layout, Undo will restore objects to the previous position. Tables — Table objects set to use Fit shape to text retain that setting when their text is modified. Text Tool — A click-and-drag with the Text Tool on the canvas creates a new text object of the corresponding width.

Variables — Variables function correctly on Shared Layers. Shared Layers — Shared Layers can be deleted from individual canvases. General — When no objects are selected on the canvas, the Delete key will not apply to the sidebar selection unless the sidebar has active focus.

Stability — Fixed a crash that could occur when undoing shape combinations involving images. Dark Mode — Pasting plain text in Dark Mode does not set the text color to white. Artboards — Fixed a bug with artboards not applying to some objects only partially overlapping with the artboard. Join over , subscribers. OmniGraffle is a diagramming and Its a free update for OmniGraffle 5 users.

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