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"Adobe Premiere Elements continues its long reign as the overall best consumer video-editing app, with new automated features and simplified workflows for quick video editing." – Jackie Dove, Tom's Guide. Shop for premiere elements at Best Buy. Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Download Premiere Elements Connect with us. *Adobe Sensei is the technology that powers intelligent features across all Adobe products to dramatically improve the design and delivery of digital experiences, using artificial intelligence and machine learning in a common framework.

Premiere Elements adds some new Guided Edits over those on offer with the version. However, the Guided Edits work like a wizard within the Expert Edit area. So once you select the Guide you want to use, it takes you into the Expert editing mode and highlights the controls you need to use or the features you need to access. A dialogue box explains the actions you need to take.

If you do what it says, or tap on the advance icon, it moves to the next stage. You need to keep your eyes peeled for teal arrows and selection boxes that show you where to find the controls you want. While you can use the Guided Edits to perform the edits you want to your clips or images, in some cases they work best as tutorials to learn how to use key features available in Expert mode. The first screen allows you to select whether to import media, use a template to create a movie, use titles or learn about video editing.

The last option takes you straight to the Guided Edits area. If you get stuck, just click on Guided and find the tutorial that explains what you need to do. There are no obvious new features to the Organizer. While the app supports H. Adobe still does not consider degree VR video or multicam editing to be consumer features, reserving support for such features to the company's pro-level Creative Cloud Premiere Pro CC.

The Best Free Video-Editing Software For the first time in recent memory, there are no feature additions to the Elements companion Organizer app, which already does much of the heavy lifting for search, slideshow production and collage creation. Any functionality improvements built in to the Organizer reside under the hood. And for the first time, using Premiere Elements generates two instances of dock icons: If you have imported photos and videos into the Organizer, the app will generate several polished creations.

Premiere Elements debuts a new Home Screen with auto collages and slideshows. Sensei scans your content and pulls together numerous videos, photos and stills extracted from video to create slideshows and collages that you can use as is or tweak by swapping out content and backgrounds. Busy users will appreciate how presentable these montages look for quickly preparing social media postings. It's easy to tweak and replace templates for auto slideshows and collages.

Intelligent trimming Adobe's revamped Quick Edit mode now funnels edits into two main channels — Smart Trim and Sceneline — each accessible with a separate button. These allow you to either trim a single clip or combine photos and videos to create a longer, more complex movie. A completely revamped Quick Edit mode offers two distinct channels for trimming video. Smart Trim uses Sensei tech to automatically scan and trim the fat off your videos so you can focus on only the most dynamic and compelling parts.

You can manually modify clips in any way you want, as you may not always agree with what the Premiere Elements algorithm identifies as interesting, but it's a start to an inherently tedious task. With Smart Trim, you can either trim your video manually or use the presets plus additional tweaking.

I found Smart Trim a little counterintuitive at first, because the auto-trim feature always automatically selects the first few seconds of a movie. Activating and moving the Preset slider in the Smart Trim tool lets the program select and reject various parts of your movie based on the action or people present.

Adobe says the marking of the first few seconds of all videos is designed to familiarize novice editors with how to use the feature.

You can always cut the movie manually or use the preset as a starting point for additional manual edits, but if you choose the preset after you have manually carved out your cuts, the tool will wipe out that original work.

Some videos don't work well with Smart Trim presets, but you can still cut your video manually. Premiere Elements' new Sceneline interface brings all the needed tools into closer proximity with each other in an elegant workflow.

Sensei doesn't work well with all footage. Certain videos, like one of my foray at the duck pond, are apparently so boring that the app refused to judge the action at all. Adobe has confirmed that extremely short videos or those that lack faces or medium- to high-level activity or action may produce error messages.

For editing my little ducklings, I was on my own. The Sceneline interface consolidates all the tools you need to trim each video, and it add titles, transitions, pan and zoom, and music.

The new Sceneline interface brings all the needed tools into closer proximity with each other on the timeline in an elegant workflow. With it, you assemble multiple clips and photos to create a longer and more complex movie. This is basically a storyboard layout, a classic video-editing view that shows you each clip and image as a separate entity on the timeline. Storyboarding works well as an organizational tool, because it gives a macro view of how the movie is organized before you get too deep into the edit.

Guided edits Most Premiere Elements versions introduce several new guided edits.

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Show More Deals We check over million products every day for the best prices Premiere Elements, Adobe's consumer video-editing app, has been a favorite of ours for several years. It's creative, friendly, easy to use and cross-platform, allowing video novices to edit with panache and quickly share smartphone videos with family and friends. This year's update, Premiere Elements , has all the stellar attributes of previous versions but with a couple of significant artificial intelligence upgrades. Adobe's consumer photo and video apps have remained the same price for many years. What's new For , Adobe has revamped the all-important Quick Edit mode with a simplified interface. Quick Edit now directs users to either the updated Smart Trim feature or the new Sceneline, a storyboard-style editing interface you can use to organize and edit multiple clips and photos. The new version of Quick Edit is short on new guided edits — there are only two in this version — but they are imaginative and unique, offering new opportunities to enhance run-of-the-mill footage.


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