Buy now Can i just buy CAMWorks 2017 outright?

I get a license of software for writing books and video tutorials. My partner status had a rocky start, but has kind of leveled out. After I applied for partner status, I noticed that one of my competitors who is also a SolidWorks employee was in charge of my application.

This was shocking. A few years ago they brought in professionals to manage the process, and since then dealing with that part of the organization has been very positive. When SolidWorks first started, partners really helped round out the product. These companies, it just so happens, were also among the companies to be bought by SolidWorks to be added directly into the product offerings.

Integrating these tools into the software was both good and bad. It was good because the early software needed more capability. It was bad because it squelched the partner program.

It seemed to take forever to get a decent CNC gold partner. For whatever reason, this is a tough market. There are also reasons against integrating CAM. Another problem is training. Maybe more important was the mindset of SolidWorks themselves. These guys were, among other things, academics. The closer things got to reality — dirty fingernails — the less interested they were. Notice that SolidWorks drawings lagged behind everything else, and that was as close to manufacturing as SolidWorks would get.

Alright, so this is a very rambling post. So where am I going with this. Of course. But imagine what it must have done to partners. Now a partner like me who benefits from chaos is just fine. As long as SolidWorks keeps tangling a web that end users need to have untangled, a guy who writes how-to books will always have a job.

And if SolidWorks guts the software every other year, better yet, because there is a constant flow of new and confused users, and there is always a new book to write. But look at partners who have to write programming to integrate with SolidWorks.

Are the partners going to have to rewrite everything for cloud delivery? What is the file format going to look like? What is the future of a SolidWorks partner, or even of the entire partner program? The rug was clearly yanked out from under these people. MoldFlow was a strong independent injection mold analysis software company that also had a free add-in for SolidWorks. SolidWorks users felt betrayed when Autodesk bought MoldFlow.

Since then it took SolidWorks a long time to respond, partnering with a French company, Simpoe, to bring out SolidWorks Plastics, which may do what MoldFlow did, but can never equal the stature of MoldFlow in the industry. They made a great technology that seemed like it would solve some big problems that exist in SolidWorks swoopy surfaces. BY FAR. He repeats for emphasis. TSplines on top of SolidWorks, however, might have been something you would have bought.

But TSplines was bought by Autodesk. So that technology is not going into SolidWorks, and I personally would not buy it now, because I doubt Autodesk plans to benefit SW users indefinitely.

The first thing they did was can all the resellers. SolidWorks was going to run into the cloud, and was probably not giving any guarantees. Plus, Catia has CAM of their own. So SolidWorks partners are getting screwed by two things: Most of the resellers are probably also SolidWorks resellers. Even without that, do you really trust Autodesk?

If the partners are getting screwed, so are customers, because there are fewer options. To me these are just more symptoms of the crumbling of the empire. Share this:

So I go and post this problem at the CAM forum and less than 15 minutes later I get a response. It seems that this quickly became a known problem and 0n build was released to fix this. Now remembering the extraordinarily painful days of CAMWorks for Solid Edge I can . Captivate: How to buy Panic Transmit 4. Panic Transmit Review: corrupt or lose your work of both Mac 21stLC Requirements retiring the Panic Transmit branding in favor of unction and use of tool palettes an image that are in Geocoded photo may work through the skills at their own accessibility standards/5(K). Sep 26,  · I can easily see the above company having an expense of $45, dollars in their first year of ownership if they had elected to dedicate the man hours to set up the Tech Data Base at that time. It took them a while to realize that CAMWorks will never be mostly right until you jump this hurdle so they incurred this expense after the first year.

Where to buy Can i just buy CAMWorks 2017 outright?

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