Cheapest price Can you still buy Default Folder X?

Top Deals On Great Products Picked by Techconnect's Editors See More Hand-Picked Deals Software success is fleeting—for every program such as BBEdit that becomes a software staple, you can find countless applications that are all the rage for a year or two and then either stop working or fade in popularity. Whenever Apple releases a major OS update, it renders some of that third-party software incompatible or irrelevant. That's what makes St. For starters, as its name implies, Default Folder lets you choose a default folder for each application, so whenever you access an Open or Save dialog box in a given app, your favorite folder for that app is already chosen; alternatively, you can have Default Folder automatically navigate to the most recently accessed folder or file in each program. This feature alone saves me countless clicks and hassles every day. A Default Folder-enhanced Open dialog box Default Folder also places a bezel or a toolbar—you can choose around your Open and Save dialog boxes that contains useful menus and features.

Jul 29, - Default Folder X is the latest version of a long-running app, and still makes it If you always save your Pages documents in a folder called Novel then the One more thing —we switched off Default Folder X in order to get a. Sep 6, - It's called Default Folder X and it saves me so much time and headache . don't/can't do. but yeah, if you have a mac, go buy default folder x. If you need an update, you can get one from the Download Page. Is Default Folder compatible with Mac OS and Mac OS X Classic? and improved," they still don't supply some of the features that Default Folder has been delivering for.

Discount Can you still buy Default Folder X?

Scripting a save location within Default Folder X - Six Colors

Track recently used files in every app Reopen recently closed Finder windows Copy and Move files in file dialogs Work Effortlessly Default Folder X enhances the Open and Save dialogs in all of your applications so you can… Go faster: Quickly navigate through folders with hierarchical menus that expand as you mouse over them. Do it all: Preview, tag, rename, compress, delete or add comments to files in any Open or Save dialog.

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