Cheap Can you still buy Windows 8.1 software?

Overview Requirements Reviews The best Windows ever keeps getting better Windows 10 is fundamentally fast and familiar, safer and more secure, and has features that allow you to be more creative and productive. An experience you know and more to love The Start menu and search bar make it easy to find things quickly. Organize, edit, and share your photos and videos easily. Browse the internet faster with Microsoft Edge. Security comes standard Rest assured knowing Windows comes with built-in security features, including firewall and internet protections to help safeguard against viruses, malware, and ransomware. And with Your Phone app6, there is no need to dig for your phone—simply access your texts and photos right on your computer. New Windows 10 devices offer experiences such as digital ink, facial recognition, voice, gaming, and more.

Buying Can you still buy Windows 8.1 software?

Even so, Microsoft isn't backing down, and Windows 8 and its Live Tiles are darn near ubiquitous in stores. Don't think you're a hostage to Microsoft's hubris, however. While Windows 8 indeed lurks inside the vast majority of consumer PCs sold today, Windows 7 is by no means dead and gone. In fact, PC purists pining for the halcyon days of Windows 7 have a wealth of ways to acquire a PC powered by their operating system of choice. It just takes a little digging. It was phased out last year," a blue-shirted salesperson told PCWorld at a Dedham, Massachusetts, store—and that was 13 months ago. A recent check at a Walmart in New Hampshire was similarly fruitless.

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