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Where can you buy those licenses? Unlike some jurisdictions, the EU respects the doctrine of first sale for computer software. This means sale of pre-owned software is allowed, and any EULA restrictions attempting to prevent that are invalid. Autodesk and all other software vendors in EU countries have to respect that, so the perpetual license remains valid after transfer to the new owner. The previous owner must be able to document the validity of the license and must delete or disable their copy of the software upon transfer.

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She has a form for new patients on her Web site. The results of the form are returned in an email. When those emails arrive, the receptionist clicks on them, then runs a script that reads the data and creates a new contact in Contacts. The script also creates a record in FileMaker and then prints a PDF for the doctor with all of the information presented in the layout she prefers.

AppleScript ties apps together, giving a real 1 1 3 effect.


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