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Share via Email This might be taking things a bit far, but you can take advantage of Microsoft's schemes to get its products cheaply if you develop. He's always said he never entered the contest, and so has declined the trophy. Traditionally that love has been felt most keenly in the various programmes on offer to developers to get software for free or far more cheaply than buying of the shelf. For background, I've often found that I've worked with people who could save some serious money by being on the correct programme. Here's a rundown to their current offerings. This list isn't intended to be complete - it's not a catalogue, it's designed to give you a feel of how the various programmes work and how much they cost. Please bear in mind that you need to do your own research before embarking on any of these programmes. DreamSpark Three of the programmes that we're going to look at in this article end with the name "Spark".

Cheapest price Cheap MS Visual Studio 2010 Premium

Microsoft Visual Studio (free version) download for PC

Professional Will get you pretty much what Professional gets you now. You can develop everything you need to and do basic debugging which is what you probably do now. Premium Premium adds in a couple features that aren't found in Professional. The value add here comes if you're working on a medium sized team. If that sounds like you, then it'd be worth it. Personally, it's Ultimate that I really want. It gives you Premium plus a whole ton of Architecture, Testing, and Management tools.


How to Download and Install Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

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