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Those new to Acid Pro might like to look through the earlier SOS reviews see the April and July issues for some background, as all the previous functionality is retained in the new version. For me, four new features fit into the headline category: Although this didn't stop users from undertaking complex projects with mix automation, it did mean that mixing usually involved both the Track List and the Mixer window. As well as the output, preview, bus, effects and soft synth mixer channels, the new Mixing Console window now also includes audio and MIDI channels for each track within the Track List, plus the new Input Bus channels. The user can toggle different track type groups or individual tracks on and off via the View pane or Channel List, and both of these options make it easy to configure the mixing environment to suit particular types of task.

ACID Pro 7 is a DAW powerhouse that combines full multitrack recording and mixing, MIDI MB hard-disk space for optional Sony Sound Series. ACID Pro 7 software includes over 3, loops and 1, MIDI files for music creation, as well as the Garritan ARIA for ACID Pro player, the ACID Pro Effects. Buy: Sony ACID Pro 7 Upgrade Site License - Academic, Download MFR: SAC70SLU1C. Operating System: PC/Windows, Version Type: Educational Version.

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