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A quick note, most of these solutions will require either an additional app on your TV, or additional hardware, ranging from a set top box, to a dongle, to something as simple as an HDMI cable. Advertisement 1 Chromecast Did you know you can Chromecast from your computer? Pick your Chromecast from the list, and you should see your current browser tab show up on screen. You can switch to other browser tabs and apps , but the Chromecast will continue to show the tab that you first cast from. Gizmodo Advertisement Because of the lag involved, this is better for websites and photos rather than videos, although some video sites including YouTube can interface with the Chromecast directly. Everything is handled by a protocol called Miracast that comes built into the newest Roku devices and Windows

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New stuff is exciting! New stuff is theoretically better! New stuff is just plain cool. And you might not even truly need a new PC to accomplish what you're looking to do.

Even better: Most are outright free, a couple of still low-cost hardware upgrades aside. If your computer is chugging, too much software booting at system start may just be to blame. These free tools can help. More modern operating systems perform the task automatically.

Over time, the accumulated gunk can wreak havoc with temperatures inside your PC, which in turn makes your PC components either throttle back performance to compensate for the increased temperatures, or just plain struggle. No joke: Once a family member called me over because his PC was sluggish and unresponsive. Merely cleaning out the inches of dust inside his machine made the system run like new.

Nuke and reinstall Windows Still running slow? Windows is notorious for slowing down over time. Back up all your critical system data , make sure you have your Windows product key in hand— Belarc Advisor can help if need be—and follow this guide to slap a fresh, factory-new copy of Windows on your computer.

Be warned: Change out some hardware, or completely alter how you use your PC. When it comes to pure performance, upgrading from a traditional hard drive to a solid-state drive is like trading in your Volkswagon Beetle for a Ferrari.

Upgrading to an SSD will utterly blow you away , supercharging everything from boot times to application launches to file transfers. This is the single most noticeable PC upgrade most people can make. See larger image Swap out your graphics card If your gaming rig has more ugh than oomph, tossing out your old graphics card and replacing it with a newer model may be all you need—not a full PC upgrade.

Sure, games are requiring more firepower now that the new consoles are out, but plenty of gamers are still doing just fine pairing a high-end graphics card with an old Core 2 Duo chip. Upgrading to a new graphics card can pay dividends if your old one is three or four generations old. Overclocking—using software to manually speed up the clock speeds of your hardware—lets you get more out of what you already have.

PCWorld has a guide to setting up Steam in-home streaming , and you should. Rather than using a pokey PC as a traditional do-it-all machine, consider giving your system a singular role if you have another PC you can use as your primary rig.

Two common uses are to transform an old PC into a dedicated home theater PC or a file server. Some awesome free software available for each use: Install Linux But maybe you still need to use your computer as an day-to-day actual computer. Linux tends to run better than Windows on less potent hardware. Further reading Sometimes, though, you just need to say goodbye.

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