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You can also access the NC files, using the Document Manager, where you can see a preview of the file. In time, your familiarity, speed, and understanding of the power and versatility of Advance Steel will improve, as you use the software on real projects. Create a folder structure to store your projects in correctly, create a projects folder and then create sub folders for each project. In that folder store the model which then creates its own relative folder and required sub folders. This keeps all models and databases separate and avoids conflicts. Create an AutoSave folder location and adjust your system to save your automatic backup files to that known location, keep it simple and at the root of the System such as C:

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You can make the kitchen large enough to fit a double oven and commercial fridge or add a built-in bocce ball court in the backyard. But building your own home is expensive, especially if you are trying to source materials on your own. Many professional builders have bulk discounts and commercial trade deals in place that lower their material costs.


01 Generate Detail Drawings using Advance Steel 2017

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