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Altogether, there are six editions that include: It can also be recalled that CS2 only had two basic editions. These are the Standard Edition and the Premium Edition.

But even if a particular user has the Premium CS2 bundle, the overall features are dwarfed by the applications that come with the newer CS4 editions.

This gives Creative Suite 4 more functionality than its earlier versions. CS4 can run in bit OS Vista. It is faster and generally performs better than CS2 3.

Activate software: Follow the on-screen instructions. If you want to install the product on a different computer, you must first deactivate the software on your computer. Registration information When you install your software, be sure to register to get up-to-date product information, training, newsletters, and invitations to Adobe events and seminars. You will also receive a complimentary benefit such as the new Hypatia Sans font and a Dreamweaver Plug-In.

Font installation There are additional fonts on the installation disk. For information on installing these fonts, see http: Known issues Please refer to Adobe Support for additional late-breaking information and known issues for all Creative Suite 3 applications. In addition, this site will include additional information about some of the known issues listed below.

Doing so could result in installation failure. To workaround, change monitor resolution to x or greater and perform the installation. Use of special characters may prevent the Master Collection components from launching correctly.

If any components fail to launch after making changes, restarting the system will usually fix the problem. Launch any other program included with Creative Suite 3 to successfully activate. Mac OS only. If Acrobat 3D 7 is currently installed and you install Acrobat Pro 8 it will be recommended you auto uninstall, however you can disregard this and both will be installed.

If you try to install Acrobat 3D 7 afterwards you receive a message that a later version is already installed and you cannot re-install. This means you have to decide whether you want Acrobat 8 or Acrobat 3D 7. Please note some files will remain on your system following an uninstall of Creative Suite 3 applications.

For a complete list, please refer to the Adobe Support site. Image Stacks are local and cannot be shared in Version Cue projects. Image Stacks created on local drives will not be lost when Bridge CS3 is closed and re-launched. There are certainly tasks that can be accomplished in Fireworks that cannot be accomplished as easily or as well in other applications. Still, it does not feel to me like a primary tool, but rather more like a secondary resource.

But for those who prefer the feel of the software to the native Adobe tools, Fireworks may represent a smoother method of getting the job done. It also seems easier to learn for a newcomer, and more straightforward for accomplishing basic web design tasks.

I can understand why they kept it around. This type of thing can probably spark as much debate amongst designers as the Mac vs. PC wars. Fireworks CS4 still feels very Macromedia, perhaps even more so than Flash.

The differences are subtle, and for the most part, one has to use both types of programs to understand the nuances.

But slow in a steady, painstaking sort of way. On the other hand, software originally developed by Macromedia has a feeling of imprecision, but the advantage of feeling quicker, perhaps even twitchy. Depending on the intended application, either one has its advantages. My personality style is more in line with the way Adobe has always done things, but there are still plenty of others who prefer the informality of former Macromedia tools.

It seems that Adobe is still very much trying to please everybody. An object-based animation model finally detaches Flash motion-tween animation from the inconvenient yoke of the timeline. Now, motion tweens are handled in a way which is very similar to 3D animation tools such as Autodesk 3ds max; each object can have its own animation properties set in the Motion Editor palette, which includes modifiable envelopes for factors such as scale, rotation, alpha, etc.

Presets help to make mundane animation tasks painless. Users familiar with similar functionality in After Effects will hit the ground running. Also included are envelopes for 3D transformations, because Flash CS4 can transform objects in true three-D. Frankly, I think it would be fantastic to see this level of 3D ease integrated into the Illustrator platform. In other words, global 3D relationships in Illustrator have to be faked for the most part, but Flash now allows both global and local 3D transformations to occur with ease.

The Spray Brush tool allows for scattering symbols around the stage, onboard animations and all, to create dynamic procedural effects like twinkling stars in a very painless manner. The Deco tool also allows for more precise creation of dynamic arrays of symbols. Just like any tool, these have their time and place. I can see it being very tempting to use them incessantly, but if used in moderation for specific, hard-to-otherwise-achieve effects, these will become indispensable toolbox additions.

Flash CS4 also includes some forward-thinking extensions such as XFL support a new file format that allows for cross-application preservation of Flash editability , and Adobe AIR authoring. XFL support makes it possible to actually use data exported from other applications, such as Illustrator and InDesign, for further development within Flash CS4. Premiere Pro CS4 Premiere Pro CS4 introduces a metadata-based organization system that vastly simplifies the task of tagging and sorting footage and other assets.

Perhaps the most efficiency-increasing new feature is the ability to search audio for key words using speech recognition. I can just imagine how much easier it would be to edit a Fox reality show with a feature like this-cutting-and-pasting together completely fraudulent dialogue can be done with ease!

Among other uses, this can be an incredibly simple way of creating streaming previews and sharing them over the web. Adobe has also introduced Final Cut Pro project import, which seems like a cross-application dream for those working in environments with multiple editing setups.

Although personally I think they could be trying to pull Final Cut users over to the Adobe side… hmmm. I wonder.

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The more specific sub applications present in the suite are InDesign, Acrobat and of course Photoshop. As a group of computer-based applications, CS has pretty much evolved through the years. Many versions were developed and ultimately replaced with newer ones.


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