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History[ edit ] Corel was founded by Michael Cowpland in as a research laboratory. The company had great success early in the high-tech boom of the s and early s with the product CorelDRAW , and became, for a time, the biggest software company in Canada. In it acquired Novell WordPerfect and started competing with the thought of being " Pepsi to Microsoft's Coke " [5] as Microsoft Word was the top-used word processing software at the time. Corel was in a difficult position as Microsoft pushed pre-loaded copies of its software onto new computers. This mainly consisted of Microsoft Works office applications, but a variant called Works Suite also bundled the Microsoft Word software. A new board of directors was then appointed and Derek Burney Jr. However, these plans would be scrapped, and only the Corel brand would remain. Corel acquired the graphics software company Micrografx in late

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September 1, 6: The 15 cents per print is a comparable price to other online printers, like Shutterfly. Unlike independent online services, you can only order through Corel and its behind-the-scenes printing partner in your global region; you can't choose your print provider and can't pick up the photos or other creations like calendars and cards at a local store.

Printed items are available for customers in a variety of global regions. Both come in a variety of colors. Prices are comparable with competing services. Corel VideoStudio Express Photo editing may be the suite's bread and butter with most camera owners, but the video studio is where Corel hopes to ingratiate itself. The commonly used tools in the editing view are to trim or split a video and take a still shot. The tool menus adjust white balance and brightness, and reduce noise and shake, both useful for videos captured with point-and-shoot cameras.

But again, the best features are the movie maker and the sharing buttons that post videos to YouTube, Facebook, and Flickr. You can also jump into the video editor from the polished-looking movie maker.

Corel's built-in movie maker presents templates for a more polished look, but you can also make a more basic movie on your own. If you pick a template, Corel's application inserts a musical score, titles, and transitions, which you can later change from the slide-out Settings menu.

You can also record a voiceover. Corel movies save for standard or wide screens, and in standard or high-def formats. As with other movie makers on the market, video clips and photos can sit on a movie timeline side by side; you could also make a movie from photos alone.

It also copies collections and projects to a mobile phone or to your external storage device. You can print, share, and import content, and you can edit photos or videos one last time before you burn them to disk. In addition to burning video and photos to disc, you can also make music CDs. Things get more hands-on as you burn your content. For instance, as you make a video disk, you can still choose a soundtrack and stylized templates.

You'll have a say over various other format and audio settings, which is especially useful if you're creating a disk to play on the TV. In audioland, you'll choose between creating an audio or MP3 disk, again choosing from a handful of setting in the slide-out menu. Copying is quick and seamless.

As with similar players, the navigation bars vanish while the video plays and rematerialize after jostling the mouse. In addition to playing movies, Corel's player can open an optical drive, file, or folder. There are more powerful tools, besides, to tweak playback enhancements like audio and color , or even record from a playing video or capture a still shot of the screen. A more advanced menu lets you bookmark, capture, and fine-tune DVDs as they play.

We also appreciate the bookmark tool that flags a certain spot on the timeline, so you can easily return to the clip. However, it won't play back your Blu-ray DVDs. This doesn't strike us as much of a bargain, but the app is sometimes known to go on sale.

Corel's slimmed-down multimedia suite for consumers is missing some of Roxio Creator's extras, like robust music tools and archiving TiVo shows. However, Corel's offering is easier on the eye and may be less daunting to novices.

Those looking for a more powerful, professional media suite on the market should consider a different package. It is possible to cobble together the elements of Corels' digital suite for free, but the studio's intuitive work flow, exciting photo and video projects, and effortless copying to devices will serve most home users well. Although there are still a few other rough patches, like photo-editing tools that are a tad weaker and slower than we'd like, the pros in Corel Digital Studio definitely outweigh the cons.


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