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The unique and colorful stamp graphics gives your Sandvox site pages a "First Class" look and maximizes your site content's impact with viewers.

This Blueball Sandvox design is perfect for showcasing family vacations, personal trips and more. And for travel companies, it's the ideal layout to show potential customers the "First Class" treatment you offer them. This stylish and unique looking Sandvox 2 design offers a horizontal nav menu that wraps automatically to multiple lines as needed on the main parent level and features multiple drop down sub levels.

You can also easiyl customize the appearance of the First Class design by adding some custom css into the style sheets window using Site Code injection, place your own custom banner image into your site or your logo which is placed within the stamp graphic. Check out the features list below and download the readme file to see why the First Class Sandvox design stands out from the rest! Wide px page width px active. Perfect for all vacation, trip, or travel sites! Horizontal nav menu with drop down sub levels!

Banner image size px wide by px tall. Logo image size px wide by px tall. Supports all Sandvox 2 features! Layered Photoshop file to create banner images with. Detailed readme file. Blueball First Class Readme File: Download the actual readme file and check out all that the Blueball First Class designs bundle has to offer before you buy.

We test all our Sandvox designs extensively on the following browsers to make sure they will display correctly for you. Demo Sites:

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It is not well designed. One has to wonder if they use their own software Like 12 lindquistjed 02 July I have used Sandbox for several years. But I cancelled my account because there is absolutely no customer service. I have sent e-mail after e-mail concerning issues they do not provide phone in customer service. Each time I get an e-mail saying they will get back by the next day.

They have never gotten back to me. No customer service Maybe they have fallen on hard times or maybe no one cares Thank goodness for good credit card support. I really hate to write a negative review and have rarely, if ever, done so. I would make this stars if I could. Like 2 Cameraguy5 05 May I just purchased this and am having trouble with it crashing my computer upon save or quit High Sierra I created a support ticket asking for help, which according to their website should come in 2 business days.

Well, here I sit, still waiting after 5 days, soon to be six, and still no response. If you do buy it, good luck and make sure you have a bootable back up at the ready for when it all goes south and completely takes down your computer. You've been warned! Like 1 lazk 06 November Tried it. Didn't like. Developer says it's Intuitive. Maybe to some degree.

Selected a theme, inserted a picture, couldn't move, only up and down. So this is an indication of very first limitation. Tried another template, same thing. Not flexible at all. I tried it about 9 yrs ago, and I can see not much changed. In Quick'n Easy by Pablo this feature of moving objects anywhere you want exists many years, and it is superior to Sandvox. When I try website building software, if I feel not comfortable the first minutes, I drop it.

Another thing, tried to uninstall it with iTrash, it insists of staying. Tried again, doesn't work. Emptied the trash and used iTrash again. It's still here. Like 1.

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