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What is the most important thing an Apple product user tends to do? Did you say brag about the products? It surely gives one a kind of paranoia feeling. But the question occurs that why is there so much hullabaloo over the safety of the Apple products? It is just because there are fewer security applications for them. The good ones present are either very expensive or are not much user-friendly. For this purpose, there is a great digital key and lock where you can secure the data without any hesitation.

The app is called Hider 2 , which is the result of the creation of my favorite company, MacPaw. Known for creating applications like CleanMyMac and Gemini , MacPaw in a way is the most popular software making company. Hider 2 is an application with an in-built interface that unifies and streamlines the process of hiding and encrypting files. Style is the thing that Hider 2 carries. Designed in a beautiful way, it does what it has been meant to do in a much efficient way. The way it welcomes the user, he ought to get attracted to it to explore more.

The Vault is a hidden folder that contains all the encrypted files. Here you get an option of saving your password in OS X Keychain that can also be backed up in Preferences. The vault is initially empty where you just have to do a simple thing to import things - Drag and Drop the files.

It is present at the lower left corner of the vault pane. Along the left, there is a 2-column view with the source list and on the right is the pane that lists all the files. Just dragging the files encrypts them and hides them from the public view. You can toggle whether you want to keep it on public or visible view. In case of multiple files also, you can choose which you want to keep visible and which one to hide from the public.

For doing the quick access, there is an icon present at the top of the screen. Any notes including the phone numbers, bank statements, personal thoughts etc. There are several features of this app. Hider 2 Features 1 Its Safe-themed login screen is the best feature. The wheel of the safe rotates when you put the password giving a feeling of unlocking a physical safe.

It is kind of interesting, unique and also fun. This can make your data recovered by the agitators if they want. But, this is not a major problem.

It can be changed anytime. It works incredibly smoothly. A must have tool for an average user to encrypt files, Hider 2 gets thumbs up for being a convenient one from design to function.

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