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The software demonstrates significant technical progress with each new version. Nero Vision 4[ edit ] In the first version, Nero Vision 4, users were already able to edit videos in a small template and had a fixed choice per film of one video channel, one effect channel, one text channel and two audio channels. They could not add images to their film at that time and could only edit menus within in an automatic template. Although the menu areas included more templates, there were no major innovations in this version. Nero 9[ edit ] The third version of the software included manual menu editing to enable the creation of additional submenus. This version also included the ability to add images to videos.

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Developer Nero is a collection of multimedia tools which allow you to handle photos, music and audio files. A complete workstation, Nero offers a wide range of options for getting the most out of your media contents: Nero focuses on home media and it has a user-friendly interface; moreover, it offers a complete solution for managing your media files, which makes it extremely attractive to any average user with a special interest in photos, music and movies. Apart from these useful tools, you could involuntarily install additional unwanted software, but this is easily preventable if you pay attention during the set up process. The main features of Nero tell you almost everything you need to know in order to deploy it on your computer: The Nero MediaHome application allows you to open, synchronize, and stream your media contents and it is equipped with an embedded player which makes it possible to preview the selected file.

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