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I've only done a few thousand words dictation, and I think it partly is because I'm actually doing a lot of discovery writing in this book, which, I think, when you get to book nine in a series can happen. It's really interesting that each book is a different type of project.

You've had the book "Write to Market" out for a while now, and I know you've had some kickback on people who haven't liked the concept. Even though, when you think about it, publishing editors, commissioning editors, that's basically what they do, they commission to market, don't they. They buy the books they think will sell, like anything with a girl in the title, for example.

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I was thinking about that story from O's first term, and that stupid tongue-rolling twat (seriously, she looked like she had tardive dyskinesia) from his administration verbally blowing Chairman Mao at a talk she was giving somewhere. What filth. What utter filth, to praise a man like Mao. And yet nothing was said outside the Internet's alt press.

The real enemy hides in plain sight, without fear, knowing their enablers will say nothing, and that the stupid gullible voting bloc will never hold them accountable.


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