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Instead, they're something usually hidden. How you find them varies according to your e-mail software. One stumble I encountered: If you've got multiple Web-based mail accounts, such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Windows Live Mail, you can easily spend far too much time checking each account for new mail.

This simple freebie neatly solves the problem. It automatically logs you in to all your Web-based e-mail accounts, checks for new mail, then tells you how many new messages you have for each. You can also delete and compose mail. When composing or reading, you won't get a full range of options as you would when you're on the Web-based mail site. But for quick-and-dirty e-mail, it's all you'll need. Don't expect a fancy interface; this program is as bare-bones as you'll find.

Also, it may not be obvious at first how to set up a new mail account; select Menu, New Account, and follow the directions. Also, if you have a Hotmail e-mail address, select the LiveMail option in ePrompter when you're setting up the account to check; I was unable to get it working properly as Hotmail, but it worked fine as LiveMail.

The Internet was created as a way to bring people closer, but in some ways, it drives people apart. And there's no simple way from an instant messaging program to check your presence on social networking sites such as Facebook, or to check e-mail from a Web-based mail site not associated with your instant messenger. Until Digsby came along, that is.

This program is a universal instant messenger, like long-time favorites Trillian and Pidgin. But it does them one better because with it, you can also check your social networking sites and e-mail accounts. It's extremely simple to set up any instant messaging, social networking, or mail accounts from within the program.

And it lets you use just about all the features of any of those programs, such as sending files via instant messaging. When you install this program, by the way, it changes your home page to a Digsby home page, so if you want to retain your current home page, make sure to go into your browser and change it.

Most of the time, sending e-mail messages goes off without a hitch. Set up your e-mail program to work with an SMTP server, send your messages, and you're done.

Your e-mail program won't give you any clue about what the error might be. All in all, it can be one of the most maddening of Internet-related problems. SMTP Diagnostics helps. It performs a complete set of diagnostics on your SMTP connection and provides an in-depth report about any errors. You can then either use the report yourself to fix the problem, or send the report to your ISP or network administrator, who can track down the cause of the woes.

The program is particularly useful if you're setting up an e-mail account for the first time and can't make a connection, or if you're on the road and can't send mail through a hotel's broadband connection or a wireless hotspot. This free client is about as good as it gets when it comes to FTP. It also lets you have multiple simultaneous connections, for faster transfers.

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