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The latest version of Auto-Text allows you to add sub-menus to the AutoText menu, allows storing Auto-Text items in external files, and allows external files containing Auto-Text items to be shared by multiple users over a network. Character Tools Character Tools provides additional capabilities for working with character tags in FrameMaker documents.

As a documentation set ages, it tends to get polluted with extra character tags that are no longer used. It may also contain character overrides that make the formatting inconsistent. Character Tools can help. Its capabilities include listing character tag usage, removing unused character tags from Frame documents, converting from one set of character formats to another, and locating and removing character tag overrides.

It also contains a routine that generates a report listing all the characteristics of the character tags defined in a document. Color Tools Color Tools provides additional capabilities for working with color definitions in FrameMaker documents. As a documentation set ages, it tends to get polluted with color definitions that are not used.

Color Tools can help. Its capabilities include listing colors defined and removing non-list colors from Frame documents. It also contains a routine that generates a report listing the colors defined in a document. Cross-Reference Tools Cross-Reference Tools provides additional capabilities for working with cross-reference formats in FrameMaker documents. As a documentation set ages, it tends to get polluted with extra cross-reference formats that are no longer used. Cross-Reference Tools can help.

Its capabilities include listing cross-reference format usage, removing unused cross-reference formats from Frame documents, and converting from one set of cross-reference formats to another.

It also contains a routine that generates a report listing the definition of all the cross-reference formats defined in a document. It allows embedding index entries into the flow of documents, eliminating the need to work with FrameMaker's Marker window.

It greatly speeds entering index entries. The latest version now provides conditional index entries, which are great for documentation sets that have multiple outputs derived from them.

A Unicode version of Index Tools Professional is available for FrameMaker 8 and later that supports using Unicode characters in index entry content. Index Tools Professional provides tools to format generated indexes, including adding "continuation" lines for groups of entries that span multiple columns. Index Tools Professional also includes a tool to make generating a master index for a set of FrameMaker books quick and easy.

The documentation contains a complete discussion of how to take convert a master index into a PDF with working links for an entire set of FrameMaker books.

Index Tools Index Tools provides the same tools to format generated indexes that are included in Index Tools Professional. You may find this plug-in useful even if you use FrameMaker's built-in indexing support or another indexing product. Continuation lines in your indexes give your indexes a polished, professional look. If you create document sets that require a List of Effective Pages, this plug-in may make that process much easier.

Master Page Tools Master Page Tools helps you easily apply master pages to FrameMaker documents, based on the paragraph tags used in the documents. The latest version also allows you to use MasterPage markers in your document to specify how master pages are to be applied.

Place a MasterPage marker in a large table or with the anchor for a large graphic to have specific master pages applied automatically. Master Page Tools also contains a utility to list how master pages have been applied to FrameMaker documents. FrameMaker 7 now provides the capability to apply master pages automatically.

I got the impression that there was also an internal discussion on this subject within Interleaf and some people would have left the company and followed their own ideas — namely to relay on the interface of the platform. When years later I discovered FrameMaker it was to my great pleasure to find it using the interface of the platform, eventhough Windows 3.

Interleaf was also a structured authoring tool years before structured information e. But the combination of unpopular licensing and unfamiliar document model definitely gave FrameMaker a leg up when they got started. Another competitor started the same year as Frame, namely Ventura Publisher, who had the weight of Xerox behind them this may or may not have been a good thing.

Publisher had the advantage of being able to directly accept content created in a variety of other applications, such as MS Word, Wordstar, and WordPerfect, but had the disadvantage of not being a usable self-contained document authoring environment like FrameMaker.

History in brief Charles Corfield was the "engineer" who wrote the first version of FrameMaker — he needed something better than other available tools for doing his dissertation, and that was the gestation of Frame after he gave up graduate study to write a program that would lead to his starting a software company.

He got together with David Murray who actually was a music major and Steve Kirsch who founded Mouse Systems and had a few million available after cashing out of Mouse Systems and the company was founded, along with Ronnie? The market was so hungry for an affordable alternative to Interleaf that Frame was able to sell lots of licenses at approx.

Sun jumped on the chance to use FrameMaker as a "Friend of Sun" and gave Frame lots of marketing support. Number ; Corrections according to personal mail from David Hemmendinger ] About the founders of Frame Technology Steve Kirsch During his junior high and high school years, Kirsch also worked on operating systems for the group and wrote a status monitoring program, so users could tell who else was on the system.

From the UCLA computer room, Kirsch went on to invent the optical mouse, patent the method of tracking advertising impressions on the Internet by click-counting, and start and profitably sell three companies. His Mouse Systems Corp. He is now launching his fourth venture: Propel Corp. David was the principal designer and coauthor of Frame's flagship technical publishing product, FrameMaker, which has garnered many awards and after almost 20 years remains the market leader in technical publishing solutions.

Frame went public in and was acquired by Adobe Systems in Charles Corfield Corfield, a Cambridge University trained mathematician, possesses a strong engineering background and track record managing and advising growing technology companies. In Corfield cofounded Frame Technology, a leading desktop publishing software company, which was sold to Adobe Systems in FrameMaker's ability to support massive documents over a variety of publishing platforms catapulted the product to the leading spot in its category.

Corfield currently holds various advisory and board positions, serving on the board of VIP Calling, Inc. In addition, Charles Corfield serves on the board of directors of Cambridge University. He is on the university's committee for the development of a new mathematical sciences pavilion. Abstract — Frame Technology became a leading provider of technical publishing software within two years of its founding in Frame went public in February , and by the end of that year, its flagship software, FrameMaker, ran on Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and all of the leading Unix workstations of that era.

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Alert Tool Alert Tool provides the ability to display an alert message when a FrameMaker document is opened. These alerts can be used to provide reminders to writers when they edit documents, or to alert writers that specific documents shouldn't be updated. Auto-Text Auto-Text is a FrameMaker plug-in that allows you to define a set of text or graphic items and easily insert them into any FrameMaker document just by making a menu selection or pressing a key sequence. It's like using items from a document's reference page, only easier! Items that you can use as Auto-Text include styled text, plain text, graphics, anchored frames, and tables. To use an Auto-Text item, open the document in which you want to insert an item. Place the insertion point where you want the item to appear.


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