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Microsoft Windows Defender comes up short Although Microsoft has tweaked some of the user-interface functions , thankfully it has not gratuitously overhauled the menus from the Ribbons in If users are familiar with Ribbons, they'll be ok with Office If not, you might want to check out these free training resources to help them learn Ribbons.

New in this edition will be support for ODF. The big news with Office is that it is attempting to be more social. Outlook will include a connector that let's folks access their favorite social sites, like Facebook and MySpace from within Outlook. It also includes a connector to LinkedIn, but support for LinkedIn from Outlook has been around for ages. I heard back from Microsoft, and even though the information about the editions has vanished from the company Web site, a Microsoft spokesperson told me that all six versions announced in October are still planned for release.

As for SharePoint , please note the bad news. It also won't run on WS Server Core. Also, in October, Microsoft announced a dizzying editions of versions of SharePoint Thankfully, they've simplified this by ditching the FAST-specific versions. You might be familiar with this type of SharePoint collaboration that uses the check in and check out document feature within SharePoint document libraries.

This process fine for infrequently updated documents, but it can be inefficient when you have to wait for another person to check in their document before you can make your edits or on the occasion when that person might forget to check the document back into the library altogether. You can come closer to a real-time collaboration by scheduling a virtual meeting with virtual meeting software like Microsoft LiveMeeting or GoToMeeting.

However, this is not truly real-time collaboration since only one person can physically be in control of updating the document over the virtual meeting. So how can you achieve true real-time collaboration while leveraging your current Microsoft Office and SharePoint infrastructure? The current version of SharePoint and SharePoint Online on Microsoft Office and Office provide co-authoring capabilities for real-time collaboration. When others join, you will see a notification that they have joined in editing the document at the same time.

When using the Office Web App for Excel, the quantity of editors is indicated in the lower right corner of your status bar. Click on the down arrow to view editors by name.

If you and your colleagues have the Office desktop applications, you can also co-author Word, PowerPoint and OneNote documents stored in a SharePoint library.

When they make updates, you will see their changes highlighted with their initials. Number of editors is visible in bottom status bar in Word desktop application.

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Working with XML Schemas in InfoPath | Microsoft Docs

May Office will be available to businesses on that day, but consumers will have to wait until an unspecified date in June before they can purchase their versions. Microsoft says that anyone that buys a copy of Office , either with a new PC or standalone, and activates between now and Sept. If you're version of Office was activated before March 5, sorry, you'll have to pay for an upgrade if you want to move from the freebie beta version to the bona fide activated version. Consumers will also have to use, or create, a Windows Live ID and redeem the upgrade by October 31, Excel , OneNote a note taking app that allows you to build folders that contain text, html and multimedia files , PowerPoint , Word , Outlook , Publisher , Access does anyone still use Access?

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