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FileMaker listened to that feedback, as the newly released consumer-oriented database application boasts a number of significant improvements, including better data import and export, enhancements to the spreadsheet-like table view, on-the-fly customization of forms, and the ability to share libraries. In short, Bento 2 is a much more mature product. With this update, Bento is more than just interesting—it might actually be useful. What is Bento? Using Bento you can view and edit data from Address Book and iCal, without opening those apps. That in itself is not such a big deal, but Bento also makes it possible to customize the way you access those databases and even to add to the kinds of data that those databases can track.

Cheapest price How much does it cost to buy FileMaker Bento?

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But have no fear; CIO. Martin found three quality alternative databases for iOS. As of September 30, Bento will no longer be available, though it will be supported through July 30, Bento is being phased out so FileMaker can focus on its flagship database product line, according to the company.

But Bento isn't your only option. Here are a few iOS database alternatives worth considering. And the apps have some cool features, including the ability to record audio and video, then add that multimedia to a database or play it back in the app. FileMaker says you can use a "custom development" as a workaround or email database files between your iOS device and the desktop software.

Sign up for CIO newsletters. HanDBase also has a barcode-scanning feature, which could be useful for adding to product databases.

Or you can just buy the iPhone app and view it magnified on your iPad. Also, some App Store reviewers have complained about the lack of integration with iCloud, Dropbox or other cloud-syncing services. Evernote is also everywhere: Lots of apps work with Evernote, too, thanks to a broad set of APIs.

And it supports many languages. All three of the above options are worth a look. My advice: If you need a mobile database of some kind, give Evernote a try and see what you think. It's free.

And you might not miss Bento after all. Next read this:


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