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With regard to Gmail, there is an offline app available for it, which also requires Chrome to run - and again you'll need to ensure you download all your mail before going offline. The Gmail offline app is very similar to the mobile version of Gmail - and it's similarly annoying, because you can't switch the conversation view off. You can also work offline using Google's mobile apps - however, you have to let Google Apps know that you want a particular file to be available offline first (by checking an option that downloads it to your mobile device).

With Office 365, the best way to work offline on a desktop computer is using the standard desktop applications in conjunction with the desktop version of OneDrive.

If you're a premium member of, you have access to the exercise files used throughout this title. If you download the exercise files to your desktop, or anywhere else in your file system, when you open the file, you'll see the file structure listed from Chapters one through eight. If you open any one of the chapters, you'll see the files used in that chapter. Mar 07,  · Welcome - [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Gabriel Corbett and welcome to SolidWorks Essential Training. In this course, we'll look at the methods and tools for creating manufacturing ready parts and. SOLIDWORKS Training and Tutorials. Learn how to use SOLIDWORKS, from beginner basics to advanced techniques, with online video tutorials taught by industry experts. Start My Free Month. Same content. Same instructors.

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Using the autodimension tools. Using the Hole Wizard in context. Adding balloons to specify parts on an assembly drawing. Building assemblies with design tables. Dimensioning holes and curved features. Including a bill of materials. Making linear patterns. Working with reusable sketches and blocks.

Adding model views to a drawing. Downloading premade parts from the internet. Magnetic mates. Arranging, copying, moving, and rotating parts in assemblies. Creating blocks. Linking to layout sketches. Working with subassemblies. Selecting component configurations in an assembly. Adding in custom properties and revision.

Asset Publisher for magnetic mates. Starting an assembly. Linking sketches to other parts. Creating circular patterns. Working with mate types. Using the Toolbox. Creating ordinate dimensions. Mating parts by aligning planes. Mating parts with advanced mates. Designing with blocks. Adding assemblies to drawings. Linking drawing notes to custom properties. Choosing the correct projection angle.

Understanding hole types and standards. Mating parts with Path Mate. Using the design library. Adding annotations. Working with drawing templates. Positioning holes in 3D. Creating general dimension notations.

Mating parts together in an assembly. Using the exercise files. Adding views to your drawing. Setting up drawing options and sheet properties.

Mechanical mates. Building an exploded view for an assembly drawing. Adding to design tables. Using design tables. Getting started with the Hole Wizard. Working with complex calculations. Adding custom properties.


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