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What is the best way of controlling your Mac Mini? There are a variety of options and hopefully one of them will suit your needs. Keyboards and Mice The most obvious control solution is the good old keyboard and mouse. For one you have the newer Apple wireless keyboard. It looks gorgeous, is light on batteries and is tiny. Exactly what you need for a living room keyboard. If only it had a touch pad at the side it would be perfect.

Looking elsewhere, Logitech has a nice option with the diNovo Edge. Remotes Keyboards and mice are fine but the Mini is acting as a Media PC and as such I want to use a remote to control it most of the time. The obvious option is the Apple Remote. This little remote is straightforward but will allow you to control quite a bit of your Mini.

Plex and Boxee are also fully controllable. If you run Boxee or Plex almost solely on the Mini then you can get by without anything more than the Apple Remote.

A more complete remote option is the Harmony range from Logitech. Not only can the Harmony replace all your other remotes and control your hardware, it can also work with your Mini. So what are the options?

First app that should be installed is the Apple Remote iTunes link. This connects to iTunes and allows you control your iTunes library. Once installed you can pair the app with as many iTunes libraries as you have in your house.

When you launch the app you select a library and then you can browse and playback any music in your library. That would make the app perfect. To work you first must install the Rowmote Helper application on your Mac which is available free from the Rowmote website.

Once installed you connect to the iPhone app and once complete you then have an Apple Remote the physical Apple Remote on your iPhone.

The advantage of this remote though is it works over wi-fi — no line of sight issues with this remote. The app also does far more than the hardware remote. You can also swap between applications by selecting from a list or by clicking on a dock icon which is displayed on the iPhone. This works amazingly well and means you can control virtually everything from your iPhone or Touch without a keyboard or mouse.

Searching in Spotify is easily done from Rowmote Pro and it really is a bargain application. This too needs a helper app which can be downloaded from their website and is available for Mac and PC. Air Mouse Pro has similar features to Rowmote but supports custom media layouts, programmable hotkeys and multi touch gesture support.

It also supports an accelerometer mode which works like a laser pointer to control your Mac. An option worth considering is Keymote iTunes link. Once the helper app is installed Keymote becomes a keyboard and shortcut enabler. They are presented well and allow you to send keyboard shortcuts to the Mini.

This is a lovely app, almost a companion to Rowmote rather than a replacement. It also has uses beyond the Mini. Keymote can be used alongside a normal keyboard like an extender meaning common tasks could easily be applied to a custom Keyset.

A free alternative to these products is Logitechs Touch Mouse iTunes link. You again install a helper app which then allows you to connect to your Mac or Windows PC. Touch Mouse gives you a trackpad and keyboard, will display text on screen while typing and supports two finger scrolling. Another free option specifically for Boxee is the Boxee Remote iTunes link.

Gestures works by dragging the Boxee logo around the app screen. Clicking in a text field displays a keyboard for text entry. Finally, a remote app to watch out for. Remoteless is an up and coming remote for Spotify which will offer full control of Spotify from the iPhone.

Anything Else? Another way of remotely controlling your Mac is via screen sharing. You can connect from another machine and take full control of your Mini. You can VNC to your Mini from outside your local network assuming you set up router and Mini to do so. This means that your Mini is always controllable from anywhere in the world. VNC is also available via a number of clients on the iPhone for those times when you have to access your home computer.

Conclusion Hopefully this post has highlighted the variety of options available to you when it comes to controlling your Mini. Until then, happy controlling. Posted on.

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How to buy Snowtape 2 permanently? price

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