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Yes, it worked for me, as well! It didn't crash, but I was unable to do anything useful because the Safe Mode inhibited access to my files on external drives. But there is good news -- when I rebooted back into the normal non-"safe mode" Win 10 mode, Movie Studio Platinum 12 now continued to work without the hang-up! Just the act of using it in Save Mode apparently made a permanent change somewhere that corrected the problem in subsequent Win 10 sessions!

Apr 04,  · With Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 you still get all the same features that have been available in previous versions. If you are using a low powered or older computer, and it is only a 32bit, then I would say stick to whatever version of Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum you are currently using/5(). VEGAS Movie Studio has a multicamera mode for editing multiple cameras filming the same scene. In this tutorial you'll find out more about the preview monitor function, how to ensure track synchronization and get the perfect result. Create your videos while VEGAS Movie Studio 16 guides you from start to finish. Arrange your clips, add music and a title, then finish and deliver, all in a guided workflow - always with the option to take full control in your timeline.

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Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Very buggy when this number of clisp or greater is on the timeline. Crashes very frequently. Summary This software is the equivalent of an Italian sports car. It is very powerful in its abilities, but leaves you terribly frustrated since it's always broken. I have 8gigs of memory and have tried for weeks to make the software work for editing together a lot of short HD video of family events. I like to switch between shots every 5 to 10 seconds in the videos to keep things interesting for the viewer.

Vegas can not handle this. It continually crashes during the render events once more than about 20 clips have been added. For me this equates to about 1. Technical support will leave you equally as frustrated. The word memory does not score a hit in the built-in help files. I've tried all of the recommendations placed on-line with their FAQ. From here you must buy more services from Sony. Why would I pay more for something that has not worked from day one? Why does days support cost more than the software itself?

I think I know why, but in the end techincal support is just plain horrible and not really an option for the average user. I'd really like my money back but I can not get customer service to respond to my emails. Go figure since the emails are free. The lights are on, but no body's home. Windows Live Movie Maker on the same computer has been remarkably stable. I've created 18 mintue HD videos using the same size and quantity of clips I'm using in Vegas.

Lots of transitions and video effects. I doubt it crashed even a single time. What it did not do so well was sync the underlying MP3 music track with the video files. When previewing during editing, the music would play back several seconds from where it would be if the video were started from the beginning of the song instead of from the middle.

That makes timing transitions with the music nearly impossible when you rewind to repeat a section you've built. At least I could finish the project in the end. That was very stable and reliable. Vegas is generally unusable with the consistent and frequent crashes. WLMM cames bundled with Windows 7 so its essentially free. It doesn't get more lame than that.

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