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Getting started. Flash Catalyst CS is an approachable interaction design tool for creating user interfaces and interactive components for Flex based. Apr 11, - Create expressive interfaces and interactive content without writing code - Adobe Flash Catalyst CS is an approachable new interaction. Searching for Adobe Flash Catalyst CS MAC? Get 50% discount here. Adobe Flash Catalyst CS MAC discount non-profit. Adobe Flash Catalyst CS

Purchase How to get discount on Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5?

You can start by creating your design in Photoshop or Illustrator and importing the resulting file into Catalyst. Then, you can do the following: Create buttons that change while the user hovers the mouse cursor over them or clicks them just like buttons in Flash. Add buttons, sliders, and other user interface components that link to other locations or perform other marvelous tricks. Add animation, such as moving components on and off the screen.


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