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Free version for home use Very easy to learn No built-in rendering Not a collaborative tool Originally a Google-backed project, Sketchup is now owned and developed by Trimble, who release a new version at least once a year. After a few easy to follow tutorials, designers should be able to work rapidly to construct complex solid geometry using it. The free release has made Sketchup very popular, generating a large and active community of Sketchup users on hand to help the inexperienced. The user-base has also contributed to an extensive object library, a vast resource of pre-constructed parts to drop into any project.

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User reviews What is Chief Architect? Chief Architect is a 3D architectural software for designing highly detailed plans for homes and light commercial buildings. It enables you to focus on manipulating rather than on modeling, as it smartly generates 3D renditions as you draw walls and place objects about.

Beyond designing tools and features, Chief Architect also helps you produce a materials list as you design. This saves you time for your presentation as you have the list of required items ready.

Thus, your clients can quickly decide whether to go through with the plan or to modify it to fit their budget. This enables you to export 3D plans and embed them to your website as well as view and share models on the go. Overview of Chief Architect Benefits Efficient Design Process Chief Architect is equipped with powerful building and designing tools that enable you to draw up plans swiftly.

Despite the speed in which it allows you to work, the software also ensures that you create according to standard building processes.

Together, the two features make your workflow more efficient. These are articles that you can mold into different configurations are based on actual products by manufacturers. Because of these, the software can render details accurately for you to make your design immersive and engaging for your client. Automatic 3D Modeling As you create, Chief Architect automatically transforms walls and other features into 3D objects. On top of that, the software enables you to switch between 2D and 3D modeling and editing.

As such, you can make your home and commercial building schemes more vivid. Multi-View Projects While 3D renderings and virtual tours assist you in marketing your design, construction drawings aid you in building the actual product. Chief Architect affords you with the tools for generating multiple views of your project—from floor plans and framing to section details and elevations.

With these, you have full control over the layers that help in the building of a home or light commercial space. Site Planning The house or the building itself is not the only thing that Chief Architect is concerned with. It also gives attention to your need to define the site and conceive of a perfect accompanying landscape. That is why the software empowers you to add and define details in the exterior and surrounding space to complete your plan.

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