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Sandvox 2. New Sandvox Hosting provides fundamental hosting from directly within Sandvox, integrated and optimized for hosting most Sandvox sites. Now, the combination of Sandvox 2. It's that easy. Sandvox users simply sign up directly from Sandvox and click the Publish button for a live website in minutes. Sandvox Hosting is available exclusively to Sandvox customers, for use only with Sandvox. Sandvox users can now choose Sandvox Hosting, or configure their hosting setup to use a traditional hosting provider.

Oct 11,  · Create one yourself in minutes with Sandvox. You can use this flexible, powerful website builder to drag–and–drop objects to create web pages. Just add images, movies, and text to a design and publish, fast. Named to Mac App Store’s Best of at v, adds support for Karelia's new integrated Sandvox Hosting service.3/5(2). Oct 11,  · You can use this flexible, powerful website builder to drag–and–drop objects to create web pages. Just add images, movies, and text to a design and publish, fast. Named to Mac App Store’s Best of at v, adds support /5(39). Where Can I Buy Karelia Software Sandvox 2. Karelia Software Sandvox 2 For everyday folks who want to build a website but don’t know how, Sandvox (Mac App Store link) offers a friendly all-in-one solution. Web design pros who jcsqpq.mese Karelia’s .

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After watching a quick intro video, it took me less than an hour to knock together a simple site with a nice-looking photo gallery and a basic blog. This odd semi-obsolescence extends to the blend of premade objects you can drop into your pages.

Others seem head-scratchingly obscure or outdated: A media palette hooks into your Pictures and Movies folders and iTunes library to make adding sounds and images easier. The comfiest of straitjackets Sandvox also locks you into a series of standard layouts, no matter what kind of design you choose. All your existing content will fit neatly into the new look and feel.

If you tire of its own library of designs, Sandvox has a built-in menu of user-built creations to download and try out. Super-simple or ultra-advanced, with no middle ground Like a tiny budget hatchback tricked out with elaborate aftermarket parts, Sandvox displays an odd gap between its low-end accessibility and its higher-end features.

A Code Injector window lets you add custom CSS, PHP, or Javascript code to any page or site, and even specify in which section of the page you want that code to execute. Choose a different design, and your existing content will fit automatically into the new look and layout. I was also baffled, if impressed, when Sandvox offered me a choice between Facebook, Disqus, or IntenseDebate for comments on my site.

Sandvox also boasts support for jQuery scripting, although its default version is several decimal points behind the latest one. Sandvox crams all its customizing options into a small, floating, multi-tabbed Inspector window.

It often took me a while to figure out which section I needed to visit to adjust the desired setting. Sandvox also lacks support for responsive design.

Karelia says that ability, new designs, and other refreshes will arrive in future versions, possibly as soon as the end of this year. During my tests, I encountered a handful of odd, inexplicable crashes while using Sandvox. None recurred consistently, or kept me from using or enjoying the program. If even that sounds too intimidating, Karelia also offers Sandvox Hosting. You can set up your own custom subdomain at sandvox. Higher tiers include one or more free domain names, multi-site management, and the ability to forward email from your site to your own private address.

Karelia lets you try the service free for 14 days without even asking for your credit card info. Built-in FTP and optional web hosting services remove the aggravation from posting your pages online. Bottom line I had fun using Sandvox, despite its limited abilities and occasional clunkiness.

Sandvox aims to offer users the simplest way to make a website, and I think it succeeds handily. When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details. At a Glance Karelia Software Sandvox 2 Despite an odd mix of low-end and high-end features, Sandvox makes it incredibly easy to get a basic web site up and running. Pros Build sites with blogs, photo galleries, and more Integrated FTP and hosting service make uploading sites a cinch Lets more advanced users add scripts and code to its designs Cons Premade designs and other features feel far out of date Little to no control over styling or layout without additional coding No support for responsive design on mobile devices Related:

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