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From the UCLA computer room, Kirsch went on to invent the optical mouse, patent the method of tracking advertising impressions on the Internet by click-counting, and start and profitably sell three companies. His Mouse Systems Corp. He is now launching his fourth venture: Propel Corp. David was the principal designer and coauthor of Frame's flagship technical publishing product, FrameMaker, which has garnered many awards and after almost 20 years remains the market leader in technical publishing solutions.

Frame went public in and was acquired by Adobe Systems in Charles Corfield Corfield, a Cambridge University trained mathematician, possesses a strong engineering background and track record managing and advising growing technology companies. In Corfield cofounded Frame Technology, a leading desktop publishing software company, which was sold to Adobe Systems in FrameMaker's ability to support massive documents over a variety of publishing platforms catapulted the product to the leading spot in its category.

Corfield currently holds various advisory and board positions, serving on the board of VIP Calling, Inc. In addition, Charles Corfield serves on the board of directors of Cambridge University.

He is on the university's committee for the development of a new mathematical sciences pavilion. Abstract — Frame Technology became a leading provider of technical publishing software within two years of its founding in Frame went public in February , and by the end of that year, its flagship software, FrameMaker, ran on Apple Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and all of the leading Unix workstations of that era.

It was used by thousands of high tech companies around the globe. This article is a personal remembrance by the founder who co-wrote FrameMaker 1. It tells Frame's founding story and describes the key product and architectural features that contributed to its success. Negative things FrameMaker has been around for a long time.

Daniel K. Schneider has been using it in the early nineties already. I remember the day before I had to turn in my p. PhD theses. I just sent it to the printer and it printed as it should.

Totally hassle free. Since then, the product did not evolve very much. And despite some initially enthusiastic users, FrameMaker never really took off in the academic market, because of the company's unwillingness to incorporate various functions such as support of endnotes or of long footnotes split across pages , or to improve the equation editor. Sales plummeted and brought the company to the verge of bankruptcy.

After several rounds of layoffs, the company was stripped to the bare bones. Adobe Systems acquired the product and returned the focus to the professional market. Today, Adobe FrameMaker is still a widely used publication tool for technical writers , although no version has been released for the Mac OS X operating system, limiting use of the product. The decision to cancel FrameMaker caused considerable friction between Adobe and Mac users, including Apple itself, which relied on it for creating documentation.

FrameMaker versions 5. FrameMaker did not feature multiple undo until version 7. FrameMaker 9 introduced a redesigned user interface and several enhancements, including:

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He got the idea from his college roommate at Columbia, Ben Meiry, who went to work at Sun Microsystems as a technical consultant and writer, and saw that there was a market for a powerful and flexible desktop publishing DTP product for the professional market. Corfield programmed his algorithms quickly. After only a few months, Corfield had completed a functional prototype of FrameMaker. The prototype caught the eyes of salesmen at the fledgling Sun Microsystems, which lacked commercial applications to showcase the graphics capabilities of their workstations.

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