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The Hit List for iPhone helps you plan & forget, then act on time. Pair it with The Hit List for Mac and use the sync service to keep everything moving! Download The Hit List and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Karelia Software LLC Whatever the task, capture it in The Hit List — then relax. . immediately despite the fact that I have a fairly new iPhone and the latest iOS. learn more about The Hit List. Download The Hit List for macOS or later and enjoy it on your Mac. The Hit List 4+. Karelia Software LLC. , 3 Ratings.

Additional option to sort tasks by creation date iPad: Extra action to easily archive a partially complete list, cancelling any remaining tasks Better truncation of long list names when included while viewing a list e. Today Fixed crash which could occur when swiping to delete tasks Corrected indentation of checkboxes when searching Task Details Fixed bug where the disclosure button could point the wrong way initially Version: While viewing a task, background controls are dimmed Fixed bug where editing a folder would also expand or collapse it Version: Fixed crash when searching from the Tags screen Version: Hold down the option key on the keyboard to access them Version: OS X As a result, the selection in Safari no longer gets turned into a task's notes.

It should make new tasks to the Today list less likely to escape your attention. Numerous other bug fixes and performance improvements Updated branding to Karelia Software Version: Other bug fixes Version: You need to set a keyboard shortcut in the preferences window first New menu item for "Due Today". Keyboard shortcut is shift-T. New keyboard shortcuts for raising and lowering task priority ; and ' Added a menu item to open links in notes.

Keyboard shortcut is "V". Shift-V to open in background. Added "Copy with Notes" menu item. You must hold down the option key to see it Improved "Create Task" system service to use the context of the active application You can show and hide the sidebar now Fullscreen support in Lion Changes No longer Mac OS X The app is now signed with Apple's Developer ID in preparation for the launch of Mountain Lion On systems with a discrete GPU, use the built-in GPU if possible to perform animations Improved recurrence rule parser to recognize partial words such as "tues" and "decem" Show the entire notes field when adding a task through the Quick Entry window Use a bullet unicode character instead of a dash as prefix when copying tasks When copying completed and canceled tasks, use the "?

Fixed exception that can happen when pasting a titled link into task notes Fixed tabs animating briefly when the right-most tab is closed Fixed not relaunching correctly after modifying Core Data indexing preference Fixed outline view columns not getting the correct size sometimes after the window is resized Fixed toolbar button not getting drawn correctly when pressed Fixed lines getting drawn incorrectly in the tasks view after checking for update Fixed various crashes and other minor bugs.

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