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Monday, October 12, Writing Software: StoryMill When I was researching scientific information for my novel, I found that my typical journal technique simply became a mess as I scratched out ideas that won't work and kept jotting ideas around the margins. I like neat notes and I like physically writing my ideas, but writing them quickly became a bigger mess than ever before.

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Story Mill is a very technical tool that may not appeal to free spirited writers. Writing a review of a product that assists a writer with writing is an endeavor fraught with irony, opinion, perspective and experience. While I will be discussing the mechanics of StoryMill, from a Mac OS X application viewpoint, such a review would be incomplete, in my opinion as a writer, without added perspective on how the tool might fit into a writer's psyche and personality. After all, if one merely evaluates the tool as a Mac app, then the review doesn't serve the prospective writer well. That introspective part of the process also comes into play in evaluating the User Guide for Story Mill. It is a beautiful, concise, thorough User Guide that tells the reader what More on that, and solutions, later.


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