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Last Updated: June 27, Products Affected: We are announcing that we have adjusted several of the prices of these offerings effective July 1, Some prices have increased, some have stayed the same and some have decreased.

As many of you know, the entire technology industry is going through a major shift from perpetual licenses to a new business model focused on subscription. This directional change is a positive shift for many users that are interested in more flexible and affordable payment options and only pay for those features, functions or services they need to access. Avid is always looking at ways to improve efficiencies in this area and while we have maintained the same pricing since our subscription offers started over 5 years ago, that will be changing.

We continue to deliver new innovations, as well as new ways of enabling our customers to do their jobs faster and easier. This includes the recent announcements of the releases of Media Composer, Pro Tools A major focus of our analysis was on the shift from perpetual to subscription models and as a result, we have increased the number and appeal of cross-grade offers for those that are interested in shifting from perpetual to subscription.

We have also increased the number of payment options for subscription, including pay upfront annually, commit annually but pay monthly and pay as you go, monthly.

In addition, we have decided that customers currently subscribing to Media Composer, Pro Tools, and Sibelius will not have a price increase, however, they must continue to keep their subscription current in order to maintain their existing price.

Please know that Avid understands the impact and implication of price increases and this is not a decision we take lightly or without significant analysis and thought. As an alternative to renewing at the new pricing, there are incentives for you to cross-grade from your current perpetual license to subscription, like decreased pricing and additional functionality, depending on the product. We would highly recommend that you look at those options as you consider your next renewal.

FAQs 1. The new pricing will take effect July 1, Yes, we will continue to offer perpetual licenses for our Creative Products, but subscriptions are the preferred software licensing model and as such will have more benefits. Yes, Avid will continue to support dongles and iLok for managing licenses. For specific eligibility please check with your Avid Account representative or local reseller.

Renew prior to July 1, to take advantage of current pricing. If you purchase a renewal on the Avid webstore, it will automatically update your Pro Tools, Media Composer or Sibelius product and license. Customers who purchased subscriptions prior to July 1, can continue to renew their subscriptions at the original current price. Yes, and pricing will be the same for our customers on the Avid webstore and through resellers. No, Educational pricing for the Creative Products will remain the same.

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Avid Media Composer is a behemoth in the world of professional video editing software. Most mainstream movies and TV shows use Avid as their editing program. The reason it is a trusted name is it provides incredibly powerful tools and leaves professional editors wanting for nothing/5. Unsure which solution is best for your company? Find out which tool is better with a detailed comparison of avid-media-composer & vegas-pro. Use an easy side-by-side layout to quickly compare their features, pricing and integrations. Media Composer | First & Media Composer - side by side comparison. At it’s core, Media Composer | First provides the same editing tools filmmakers, editors, and directors rely on daily. That’s why more than any other video editing tool, learning Media Composer | .

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Support details What is Avid Media Composer? Avid Media Composer is a world-class video editing solutions that provides powerful tools for mainstream TV shows and movie professionals. It is a force to reckon within the video production arena standing hand by hand with superior brands like Apple and Adobe. The application is designed to more intuitive as a consumer-oriented program. Some of its pro features include: Overview of Avid Media Composer Benefits Avid Media Composer is a reliable editing suite designed with unlimited capabilities to tackle any media project with ease.


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