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Digital Image Pro is a photo editor that allows you to fix red eyes, crop and rotate your pictures, clean up scratches or dust on the photo and add text or special effects. Several software packages exist that also support these features and are suitable replacements for Digital Image Pro. Photoscape Just like Digital Image Pro, Photoscape allows you to edit and enhance individual or multiple images. With Photoscape you can change the image size, color, white balance, back lighting, add text, draw pictures, remove red eyes, adjust brightness and contrast and many other options. Photoscape also features a "Combine" option, similar to Digital Image Pro's "Stitch" feature, which enables you to align multiple photos to create one final photo.

Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 64 bit cost

A little bit slow. Now called Yahoo Widget Engine. Temporarily disables glass effects. Gives some error messages on exit, but basically works. Any theme for the background of the dock shows very little on the left side, and nothing else, and it doesn't stay on the dock as you move your mouse over it.


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