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Server application. Microsoft Groove Server is a tool for centrally managing all deployments of Microsoft SharePoint Workspace in an enterprise. It enables using Active Directory for Groove user accounts, and create Groove Domains, with individual policy settings. If you have multiple accounts and want to log off all accounts simultaneously, click the SharePoint Workspace icon in the Windows taskbar, and then click Log Off All Accounts. Whether you are looking for the entire Microsoft Office Suite or extra programs like Publisher or Access, we carry a variety of software options to get the right software for your home or business. Be sure to review all of our additional office and business software , including PDF software. Versatile Software Packages It's easy to select just the right programs for your needs and budget.

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In MT, adding team members is trickier. First, you have to add them in the Office Admin Panel that can be reached via Office start page. They should log in Office and change a given password. Only then, you can go to the MT app and add a user to your team. Adding members to a team in Microsoft Teams app My two colleagues whom I sent an invitation to join MT, complained it took them too much time to deploy and sign up for MT. As an alternative, you may give a try to a more simple, yet fast and agile tool like Chanty.

Both have a smaller vertical panel for contacts and some tools, as well as a bigger one, primarily, for conversations. Microsoft Teams layout: It offers shortcuts to multiple actions via drop-down list box.

Microsoft Teams search box As for design, Slack has wider possibilities of adjusting the look of your workspace. You can change the color of your left sidebar in any way you wish. Options for customizing your workplace in Slack Microsoft Teams offers only three themes for customizing your workspace. If to talk about differences, Microsoft Teams has advanced formatting tools within a messaging box.

You can create a bulleted list, change the font color, etc. If you are confused which one to choose, you can type the name of the emotion you want to express in a search box. So if you want to declare love to your colleague happens, you know , you are sure to send the right smiley or gif. Emoji search by name in MT Slack, in its turn, allows you to react to a message not just with Like as in MT , but with smileys and put a reminder on a particular message. What can you do with messages?

You can fine-tune it in case you need to be alerted about new messages, mentions etc. However, both tools seem to lack a single alert center where all notifications can be summed up in a review, like in Stride.

Communication issues at work? This is a controversial feature loved by ones, hated by others. Threads let you respond directly to a message in a channel, keeping the replies organized neatly in a single conversation. I decided not to check these numbers by uploading huge files, as I was more interested in collaboration possibilities.

So I uploaded an MB video file and sent it to a colleague. Interestingly, he was able to play it right in the MT workspace. Experiencing some troubles with uploaded video Ideally, my colleague and I could both watch the video within the workspace and chat in the panel box on the right. The same way we can collaborate on any Office or OneDrive document — access it and edit without leaving the app. As follows from this short review , Microsoft presents this collaboration feature as its main advantage before Slack.

As for file storage limit, Slack offers 5GB for a team in the free plan and GB per user in paid plans. Microsoft Teams provides 1TB per organization. Slack vs Microsoft Teams: Everything went fine, we could see and hear each other well. Chanty team is exploring video calls in Microsoft Teams When necessary, we could jump from instant messaging to a video or audio call at the push of a button.

The video of our meeting appeared in the chat feed a few minutes after finishing the conversation. If you are, however, the participants limit extends to 15 people, comparing to 80 in MT.

MT also provides integrations with third-party bots and apps including project management tools like Trello. However, there are not so many of them. It is clear that MT is trying to catch up with Slack. Slack has Actions allowing to create and finish tasks without leaving the app.

But still, the feature is implemented via integrations, as explained in our Slack review article. In Teams, Microsoft experts suggest using Planner to stay organized.

Although, the tool integrates with some other task management tools as well. You can create them from scratch or turn any message into a task. Assigning and filtering tasks by status, dates and people is also available. To try out Tasks and other cool features in Chanty, sign up for a demo session! You can even find what you need in the content within the files Google Docs and Dropbox files are also searchable.

We decided to double-check it. And it worked! I tried the same experiment with MT. To my surprise, it worked too! Microsoft Teams searches within the content of your files. Microsoft Teams searches the content within files Slack vs Microsoft Teams: What will happen if I turn for assistance?

In Microsoft Teams, the most common way to get support is via T-Bot. It pops up in your Chats tab after you sign in. Seems to work fine. Wrapping up Pricing. Both — MT and Slack — offer the Freemium plans. Getting started. Layout and design. Slack, in its turn, tends to wrap up its features to improve UI. It also provides wider possibilities for customizing a workspace.

Both tools have many instruments for messaging, including threads. MT provide more built-in options for formatting, while Slack allows setting a reminder for a particular message. File sharing and collaboration. In MT, you can share Office files and collaborate on them while right in the workspace. Video calls. MT has a built-in feature for recording video calls. In Slack, you can do it via app only, e. Also, in MT you can have a video meeting with up to 80 people in a call, while Slack limits you with only 15 participants even in paid plans.

Task management. In both tools, you have to use integrations for working with tasks. In Slack, you can create and assign them without leaving the app using Actions feature. In Teams, you might use Microsoft Planner or a third-party integration. Both tools search within messages, contacts, files, and even within the content of the files you share. Help and Support. Both — Microsoft Teams and Slack — provide support via different channels, such as bots and help sections.

Microsoft Teams is your way to go: Did we miss something? Drop a comment. Not sure which messenger to choose? Give Chanty a try! Enjoy the unlimited message history, built-in task manager, as well as high-quality audio and video calls in Chanty. Learn what benefits your business can get from Chanty by scheduling a demo call with our team. Improve your team communication with Chanty Give our simple AI-powered team chat a try Sign up free Please, enter a valid email

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