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Next Marvin Hlavac MapPoint Europe is perhaps the only, and the best, alternative trip planning software for those who still use Microsoft AutoRoute As of the time of this writing, Microsoft has not yet released AutoRoute , or While the price of MapPoint is admittedly much higher than AutoRoute would be, it still will cost you less than a PND personal navigation device , and it is much more suitable for elaborate route planning than even the most expensive PNDs on the market today, not to mention the other many tasks that a laptop can do for us, which PNDs obviously can't. AR is a subset of MapPoint features.

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Price of MS MapPoint 2009 North America price

Create maps using custom Map Settings to display your data with only the details you want to appear. Easily turn labels on or off, change font style or map style. Dramatically improve decision-making by bringing clarity to tabular data. Use information-rich maps to illuminate important data relationships, identify business trends, and illustrate opportunities.

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