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Microsoft would probably deny that file format changes — making it difficult to for users of older versions to read files saved in the new versions, as happened with Word 98 and Office — were designed to punish users who stuck with older versions. And to be fair, the company did release plug-ins to enable at least some older versions to read the new formats — eventually. Two families of releases: Microsoft Office for Windows and Office Typically Microsoft releases new Mac editions about a year after new Windows versions, so Mac Office is still the current version for Mac.

But the new releases impact Mac users anyway — bear with me. As with each new generation of Office, Office brings both interface changes and new features: The ability to open and edit PDF files in Word note that WordPerfect has done that for years ; insert online video, and easier table design.

PowerPoint users can match slide backgrounds to a colour picked from a photo. Excel users can more easily choose charts and Pivot Tables. And this story directly impacts Mac-users, even if they still get the suite. Office refers to the new Windows Office suite. If you purchase this, you make a one-time purchase that as with previous versions is good for life.

There are some differences this time around, though. Microsoft is no longer offering Office as a set of discs in a box; instead you get a serial number good for download and installation of that single version.

After widespread comment and complaint, Microsoft revised that, giving users back the right they previously had to move their Office license to a new system if needed. Previously, single purchases could be legally used on several systems — in the case of older copies of Office Professional or Office Home and Business edition, for instance, you could install one copy on both a desktop and laptop or a work computer and a home computer, as long as only one was in use at a time.

An Office Home and Student copy could be installed on up to three computers. Office — and now Mac Office — copies are licensed for use on one computer only. And that means you can no longer move it to a new computer when you get one — the license stays with the old hardware — as has been the case with so-called OEM copies, the ones pre-installed by a computer manufacturer.

So licensing terms for home users purchasing Mac Office or Windows Office have become more restrictive than previously — and for Mac users more expensive. Microsoft seems to be discouraging users from purchasing Office. Instead, they prefer users Mac and Windows move to Office — to rent Office instead of buying it outright. Large organizations have been doing this all along, paying an annual license. This includes the ability to download and install the current version of the full Office suite — Office for Windows or Office for Mac — onto up to five systems: Unlike the purchased Office , you can move these to different computers as needed.

There are other perks for Office subscribers — users are automatically signed onto a Microsoft Skydrive account for cloud storage of documents and files. But while a normal free Skydrive account receives 7 GB of storage, Office subscribers receive an additional 20 GB. Note however that one Skydrive account is associated with one Office subscription — so if multiple family members are using those 5 computers, they all have access to the same Skydrive account. Skydrive now offers syncing to connected computers — like Dropbox.

And since Microsoft now owns Skype, Office subscribers receive 60 minutes per month of Skype calls to international long distance phone numbers — Skype is already free for computer-to-computer calling world-wide.

Another potentially useful — though Windows-only feature: Dial the number and you shall be connected to the Microsoft Support of your region. Thirdly, ask the Microsoft Support for a confirmation ID. You shall find a prompt box asking for activation code via the internet or telephone. You are to enter the confirmation code provided by Microsoft Support. After the process has been done, Microsoft shall verify your code and activate your software for use.

These are a few of the product keys available. Be sure to know if the pages from where you are accessing the product key that is daily updated. It is to ensure that no user avails to a used product key. By doing which, a user shall fail to activate their software. Microsoft Office is a version of Microsoft Office. To activate Microsoft Office using a product key, there are two activation methods: Through the internet If you have a good internet connection, you can follow this method.

Re-enter the product key. Wait for a while, the software will verify your product key. Using Telephone In this method, you need to call the Microsoft Activation Centre Look for the Microsoft product activation number on your product. Call on that number and it will connect you to the nearest Microsoft call center. They will provide you a confirmation id. Open your Microsoft Office in your PC and open the installation wizard.

Select the telephonic method. Click on the installation option. Is MS Office Free? This may require you to sign in with your Microsoft ID on Microsoft. Where can I find the Microsoft Office product key? If you are confused about finding MS Office product key, first of all, you have to remember from where you have downloaded your MS Office Suppose you have downloaded your MS Office from an online store, you can find the product key in your email which you had used at the time of purchasing.

If you have ordered MS Office from any offline store, you will get a card on which the product key will be given. How can I activate Microsoft Office for free? There is a way that only a few people know. By using this key, you can activate any versions of MS Office.

There are two methods to activate MS Office by using this key: Without using any additional library First of all, open command prompt with admin rights if there is any admin. Search the command of KMS key on google, copy it and paste it in your command prompt box.

Make sure that your PC is connected with the internet. Using an additional library In this method, first of all, you have to download the KMS key from the internet. Extract the file and move the file in your C drive folder and again follow the method one. How do I find my Microsoft Office product key? There are five methods through which you can get the product key: Method 1- If you have purchased MS Office from any offline store, you will get the product key in a box which is often called Certificate of Authenticity.

Method 2- If you have ordered it online, you will get a receipt of the product key in your email box. Make sure that you have any premise of your original product key. Then Microsoft Support will send you a new product key. Method 4- When you install windows, a product key always gets saved in the installation wizard.

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Discount OEM Office 2011 Home and Student Family Pack

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How to Install Microsoft Office Home and Student 2016 with Product Key Only

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