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Sign in to vote it is a retail license. I doubt activation folks know the answer. What happens is most call up, and they tell the customer the license key been activated and used - they are told to then purchase another. I don't blame those folks on the other end. There is a "lack" of this knowledge in the general server community. I mean, it is difficult for people to keep "up to speed" on these issues.

And not only is licensing confusing, but usually as exciting as watching paint dry! The simple matter is that VM's activations are included in server for "free" or better said part of the package purchase. This has been the case since server , and before that I don't know. The issue is HOW to activate those free editions without having to chew up license keys. A bit surprised of the lack of "widespread" knowledge of the free instances of server included with a single standard license - but regardless, the issue is what key one is supposed to use for such activations.

You phone up the license folks and ask why the key is not working they going to tell you its already been used - and as homer Simpson would say: It as noted "most" likely one is to use a AVMA automatic license key and EVEN use that key in the case where you not using automatic license activation but then that begs the question how does it limit one to 2 activations?

Anyway, I will have to "jump" into this next time a server is being setup - and it is not that often per year. I was hoping the simple and widespread knowledge of the additional free licenses and how to activate them for the standard edition of server had been absorbed by the community - it likely that server still quite new.

I willing to bet that over time this knowledge and question will become widespread knowledge - it just a bit early in the learning curve and server still quite new to the community - and it a VERY boring issue! I don't consider "licensing" a issue for the support community! Appreciate the comments and efforts here - thank you kindly. I'll get to the bottom of this one way or another!

Albert D.

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