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ThredUp is a little different. The company handles the pricing and vending, and sellers just send in all the clothes they want to get rid of in a shipping bag that ThredUp provides for them. Both of these apps are great ways to buy and sell clothes. Turn on notifications for these apps if you want to be sure not to miss any deals. Method 3: Shop off-season Retailers want to make the most money they can. Stores are going to charge you more when they know you need something.

After a season is over, clothes for that type of weather go on sale so stores can get rid of excess inventory. Even though it may seem backward, buying clothing for winter in the summer and vice versa can save you a lot of money.

Look for things like swimsuits and puffer jackets that are very seasonal. Method 4: Consumers on email lists are often the first ones to know about sales and special offers. Set up a separate section or folder in your email inbox for offers and promotions.

Method 5: Shop online Shopping in physical stores gives you a limited range of prices to choose from. Looking at online retailers means you can quickly and easily compare prices and find the best one for your budget TIP: Shopping through sites like Ebates will give you cash back with every purchase.

Method 6: Use the apps in Method 2 or sell to a local consignment store to make some cash on the side, which frees up money for you to spend on new clothes. If your budget is lacking somewhere else, use your earnings for that first.

Method 7: Search coupon sites Good, old-fashioned coupons will always help you save. Try the Google Chrome plugin called Honey. It finds the best deals for you at checkout. Method 8: On the other hand, there are some effective methods for taking care of your dry-clean-only items without paying an arm and a leg. This list of dry-cleaning alternatives will keep your clothes fresh at a lower price.

Always check the tags on the inside of a piece of clothing to see what the washing instructions are. Method 9: YouTube and Pinterest are full of ideas for making over old shirt, pants, jeans, and more. Did you know you can make an old t-shirt into tank tops? The possibilities are endless.

This Pinterest board has over ways to upcycle clothes. Method Discount Stores Discount stores like T. Especially if you shop their sale racks or find gift cards using Method 18, you can get awesome deals. There are some simple ways you can alter your clothes at home to make them last, with or without a sewing machine.

This Bustle article gives you some hemming hacks for the less crafty among us. Bespoke Post has a guide to making more drastic alterations, but a sewing machine is required. Luckily, there are several sites and stores that you can rent clothing from. Renting is a wise choice for outfits like these, because you may only wear it once.

RentThe Runway. It will make weight loss feel even more rewarding. These services can either make your purchase much more or much less affordable; make sure you read the fine print. Trust Your Instincts.

If something seems off about a bag or a site, it's best to err on the side of caution. There will always always be another bag. With that in mind, check out some of the most promising newcomers to the online resale scene as well as some of our old favorites below. There are tons of reputable sellers with totally authentic bags on eBay, but because of the volume, it's good to be thorough and skeptical in your high-dollar purchases.

Our eBay section at PurseForum is a great place to get pointers and advice! Christie's website hosts both periodic auctions and a handbag shop with rotating stock, and both are a great source for bags that would be otherwise very hard to track down via traditional retail channels.

Right now, the site is full of rare Chanel pieces. Not only is the selection of designer bags and beyond large, but it's a good place to get some cash back for bags you don't want anymore if you don't want to do the work of selling the bag yourself. The site also has three boutique locations in California and accepts returns for full refund both online and in person at its stores.

Also, Fashionphile offers at least one unique service to shoppers: Also worth noting: The RealReal does not allow returns on handbags at all, even for store credit. Vestiaire's model is somewhat more decentralized than some of its luxury resale contemporaries; most of its bags are listed and shipped by their original owners instead of consigned to and then sold by Vestiaire itself.

The site allows shoppers to ask public questions about a bag or seller and shows ratings and feedback for a bag's owner.

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