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Rick Feineis was a wonderful instructor. All of the instruction was very well explained and easy to understand. He was very patient and extremely knowledgeable. Rick's excellent communication skills, in depth knowledge of the software and his ability to customize teaching sessions to fit my needs went beyond my expectations. Don't waste your time with anyone else! Dave Viggiano I was hesitant of having an online training course, but this Revit course I've had with CAD Training Online cleared away all my hesitation and I'm extremely satisfied with this experience.

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Associative spaces are defined by their boundary objects and are updated when the boundary objects change. You can choose to have associative spaces update automatically whenever there is a relevant change to boundary objects, or you can choose to perform the space update manually. Updating Associative Spaces Bounded by External References Objects in external references can serve as boundary objects for associative spaces in the host drawing. When the objects in the external reference change, the space is updated too. Roundtripping Associative Spaces between the latest AutoCAD Architecture and previous Versions In previous versions of the software, boundary linework objects were defined by a filter selection during space generation. In the current version, each object has its own Bound Spaces property in the Properties palette. This includes blocks and xrefs. These changes can cause discrepancies when roundtripping drawings that contain 2D linework, blocks, and external references. For example, when a line in the current version of the software has its Bound Spaces property set to Yes, and is opened in a previous version, it will still be a boundary object for spaces, but it will be selected via the boundary filter of the space.

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