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This is an annual version of product from Autodesk with fixed bugs and errors. Commonly the upgraded versions consider the remarks and claims of software users to ensure great user experience and to enhance efficiency and productivity of the product for certain tasks it is used for. The release of Revit Architect is a great consideration of your claims. What is new in Autodesk Revit Architecture ? The upgrades and updates of the products have touched upon almost every aspect of the product performance. But in this review we will highlight only the most important ones, which will directly affect your work with the product as well as your efficiency. Visualization improvements For a long time the users of Revit Architect have requested Sketchy lines feature. The option allows you to replicate sketchy lines looking as if made by hand in all views. A simple click allows to use jitters and to set extension controls.

Product Design Suite Ultimate At Low Price $389.95

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Astronomy for all. The LightBridge Mini allows you to set up and share a stargazing experience in seconds. The stylish tabletop design allows the LightBridge Mini to be displayed as a decorative piece yet readily available when the moment strikes. The Lightbridge Mini features a one-arm Dobsonian-style mount with a removable OTA, comes with two eyepieces for low 26mm and high 9mm magnification, a red dot viewfinder to help you aim the telescope, and the Autostar Suite Astronomy planetarium DVD with over 10, celestial objects. Now, outdoor dinners and activities easily incorporate astronomy and stargazing because the LightBridge Mini is not just an astronomical tool, but also a conversation starter.

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