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Jun 1, - Stitcher enables the creation of high-quality panoramas and ° virtual tours. in addition to the existing English and French versions of the software. 99 US(must be purchased at the same time as Stitcher Unlimited ). Jan 10, - This is where image-stitching software comes in handy but, unlike the wallet-friendly RealViz Stitcher Express of a few years ago, which used to. Buy Realviz Stitcher Unlimited featuring Compatible with All Cameras, 3D to edit your matte painting in Adobe Photoshop (or the software of your choice).

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Stitch Era embroidery design software

This product is an integrated part of Design ERA. Then it includes some features found in the other software products graphic file editing, vector files processing, vectorizing, exportation to graphic files, etc. Stitch ERA is a product family brand. But the product family is constituted by: Stitch ERA Essentials It covers the requirements for design management, code conversions, stitch edition and embroidery lettering.

Better used for merging stock designs and embroidery design personalization. Stitch ERA Lite It contains all the functionalities of the previous level, and it adds the creation of embroidery designs automatically starting from clear graphic images raster or vector. It includes object editing shapes and fill properties Stitch ERA Liberty simply, Stitch ERA or SEL It contains all the functionalities of the previous level, and it adds a wide group of tools with which you can produce the most amazing artistic embroideries, as any professional designer.

Literally millions of options limited to the user imagination. Some image captures and animations may have been made over a different product and may show a different feature from the one that is intended to be shown, which may not be included in the product. We suggest first to try Stitch Era Universal free software in order to evaluate the product. We recommend acquiring the products from an authorized distributor only.

Its features will let you create new designs quick and easy, combining automated functions with those who allow you to have precise control over each design element. Stitch ERA Liberty has been developed for the most demanding designer: Even with that power, the easy way to use makes it suitable for every embroiderer that wants to make designs by themselves, who after doing an entertained apprenticeship, will achieve works so impressing as if were made by experts.

Stitch ERA Liberty integrates in the same application, the functionality of embroidery with the functionality of graphic applications. For example, it can work perfectly with pixel raster or vector files, vectorizing the pixel file to get vector shapes, creating new vector shapes and processing them individually or by blocks modifying shapes, nodes, combining, etc. All this, without getting out of this unique application.

Stitch ERA Liberty also allows you to create new components, when you want to improve your design productivity and at the same time, extend the number of software resources. Designs created with Stitch ERA Liberty are ready to run on most home embroidery and professional machines.

Software Features More Views and Professional Functionality Stitch ERA Liberty includes more synchronized views that present the details of the work under way visually and with a more detailed level. Grouping, branching, sequencing and other advanced functions can be executed simply dragging elements.

Among them, the stitch pre-definition, embroidery repetitions in combinations, automatic outlines on objects, etc. Component Creation Stitch ERA Liberty also allows you to create new components for its later re-use and system resource library expansion, between these: Maximum Stitch Control The Object Inspector includes more adjustments for the precise definition of each section.

Also includes new stitch effects density variation, edge modulation, and so many more. All the properties of each object can be specified precisely.


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