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Hello all, I am currently taking my prerequisites for Nursing. I know two nurses, one is a friend of my mothers and she is a Nurse Practitioner and my boyfriend's mother is a charge nurse in the ICU. Both of them smoke Marijuana occasionally and they haven't had any issues with their career. Although I have seen a thread on allnurses talking about a woman being fired from her job because she tested positive for Marijuana during a random drug test at work.

Tobacco and E-cigarette Control Laws

Tobacco Retailers Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors recently passed new tobacco retailer licensing laws to protect youth from tobacco influences in their communities. January 1, Pharmacies will no longer be eligible to renew their tobacco retailer license after it expires on June 30, and from then on will be prohibited from selling tobacco products. Renewals for the Tobacco Retailer License were due July 1, Existing tobacco retailers are exempt. NEW retailers within feet of tobacco retailers are prohibited from selling tobacco products. The sale of flavored tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes, is prohibited within at least 1, feet of schools, parks, playgrounds, and libraries. The sale of cigars, including little cigars and cigarillos, is prohibited in pack sizes under ten No tobacco retailer's license will be issued that authorizes tobacco retailing in a pharmacy. Compliance with state and local storefront signage and drug paraphernalia sales laws is required in order to maintain a Contra Costa Tobacco Retailer License. Tobacco retailers are required to check identification ID of customers who appear younger than 27 years of age.


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