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Mexico — Version adds street level map coverage to most of Mexico. Voice direction prompts that include street names - Previous versions of the navigation program would simply say: Left-drag to pan, right-drag to select. You no longer need to keep switching back-and-forth between the two tools when moving around the map. Saves a huge amount of clicks and mouse travel in normal usage.

Latitude and longitude are always visible in the new Users no longer need to enable Location Sensor. Automatic re-routing is introduced in v. Connected Services — Streets and Trips with Connected Services edition adds the ability to visually display traffic flow by color coding road segments green normal , yellow moderate and read heavy.

It shows traffic incident locations, and it lets users to search for current fuel prices of nearby fuel stations. However, the Connected Services edition was later discontinued.

Activation — V. More details here. ST Full-screen navigation mode — The , and later versions, can be optionally switched to full screen mode while navigating. Estimated Drive Time feature - Driving Guidance Pane now shows remaining time to destination in addition to distance to turn. Dynamic Turn View, also known as auto-zoom, added in version Night Map Style — useful while navigating at night. ST Keep Position Centered. The icon no longer travels all the way to the edge of the map before the map refreshes, but instead it appears there is some "invisible" border close to the centre of the map and when the icon reaches it the map refreshes and icon goes back to the centre.

Not a perfect solution but a great improvement. Rotate Map to Follow Travel Direction - When this feature is enabled, north is not constantly the top of your map, but instead your heading will be the top. Recalculate Route from Current Location.

A click of a button recalculates the route from the current GPS location. Create GPS Trail feature added in v. The feature automatically checks which communication port is the GPS receiver connected to.

GPS Pane, introduced in v. It also displays your traveling speed, compass, altitude, latitude and longitude coordinates, and the time of day Full review here Marvin Hlavac As of today, July 1, the new version has been released to the public. I've also separated from this review all of the old replies, and created out of them a separate review thread for the now old ST here.

If you already have your new version, please share with us your first impressions I'd go with GlobalSat BU http: It is popular among Windows users, and it does have Linux drivers available.

Was hoping you could get the GPS receiver for less. Was talking with a buddy who swears by the MS version, he says it works great. Was just hoping to find a good Linux equivalent. Will keep looking since I seldom use Windows anymore. They are fast and accurate and have a magnetic base so you can stick it on a bike or car hood. Definitely worth the price. They are somewhat weatherproof as well, but I don't have long-term outdoor experience with it.

I use mine with a nokia n and Maemo Mapper based roughly on gpsdrive code. MS Streets is certainly best in class for the price. A couple places online are selling it for less than 40 with free shipping and no tax.

Tom-Tom, or Garmin, Magellan etc are all going for and up to Marvin H February 4th, , Which version of the Microsoft GPS receiver does your buddy have? You can buy version for less than the new version. Not sure, think it's the or version since he said he has had it awhile. The sticker on the back of it should read: GPS was included in some late shipments of version Versions of and included it.

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Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011 buy online

Plenty of points of interest for vacationers, RV owners, and the outdoor-minded. Works offline. Cons Complex installation. Buggy drivers for GPS Locator. Despite a yearly update, user interface remains cluttered and archaic. It's still flawed and not for everyone, and Microsoft hasn't upgraded it enough to justify buying the new version if you have the or editions. But even so, the software is still useful for RV campers, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone looking for a comprehensive map and planning software that works offline on a laptop, away from cellular signal and with a much larger screen than you'd get on a smartphone.


Microsoft® Streets and Trips 2011 Tutorial: Optimizing Your Route

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